There is no girl out there who doesn’t dream of achieving that perfect and effortless tousled wavy hair look. This look is so trendy right now that you will see it everywhere, from the famous Victoria Secret’s runways to the red carpets, worn by your favorite actresses. Well, it might look effortless, but this look has its well-kept secrets that you need to know before deciding to copy it. This is why we have asked celebrity hairstylist Charles Dujic to offer us some precious expert tips and tricks regarding the tousled wavy hair look.

This hair look has become more and more popular thanks to its relaxed aura. Nobody looks like they invested a lot of time into creating these beachy waves. In reality, it actually takes some time and dedication to achieve this look perfectly. It is also very wearable and versatile. It works with both a night gown and with jean shorts on the beach. It’s up to you how, when and where you prefer to wear it and adapt it. It also works on both shoulder length hair and longer hair, as long as the hair is not being weighed down. Which brings us to Dujic’s first tip for the perfect tousled wavy hair look.

1.      Reverse your hair washing routine

As weird as it may sound, Dujic says that this is the first and most important step in creating the perfect tousled wavy look. Be careful to condition your hair before washing it and don’t use a lot of product. The secret to this technique is that this way, your hair will not be weighed down and the future beach waves will have that natural bounce to them. That’s what we want to achieve, right?

2.      Dry your hair

When it comes to drying your hair, Dujic says that for a more relaxed look, you can let your hair air dry by itself. However, if you want more volume, use a blow dryer while moving your fingers through your hair to create that controlled mess. You can also use a diffuser for this step if it suits you more. If you have straight hair and want volume, you can add some styling mousse right before drying your hair.

3.      The Wand

Time to get our magic wands into action! In order to create these waves, section your hair and curl your strands with the wand. It’s important to not hold it in place for more than 5 seconds. The waves need to be relaxed and effortless, not tight. It’s very important to take into account the length of your hair. The shorter it is, the slimmer the wand needs to be.

4.      The final touch

The final touch after achieving those waves is to keep them in place. This is why you’ll want to spray a flexible-hold hairspray through your hair, says Dujic. And voila! You now have that perfect tousled wavy hair look to wear and be proud of.

Summing it all up

So, what did you think about our guide on how to achieve the perfect tousled wavy hair look? Sexy and simple, right? What celebrity do you think wears this look perfectly? Do you have short or long hair? Let us know down below!

Image source: pxhere