Everybody who wears makeup frequently knows the struggle of keeping your face intact throughout the day. The season or the skin type that you have don’t even matter when it comes to this universal problem. And let’s face it! There are so many products out there that promise to last all day and all night that it becomes almost impossible to make the right choice. Most don’t deliver what they promise, but the secret to keeping your makeup intact usually comes from you and your routine. This is why we have created a list of some of the likeliest reasons why your makeup doesn’t last all day no matter what you do.

When it comes to long lasting makeup, the secret lies in the little details. It’s important how you prepare your skin, what products you use and most importantly, how you use them. Not many people know that there is such a big difference between how a brush applies powder and how a powder puff does it. All things considered, it’s time to dive into our article on the most likely reasons why your makeup doesn’t last as long it should. Enjoy!

1.      You don’t use compatible products

It’s extremely important to pay close attention to the ingredients listed on the package of your products. So, if your makeup slides off your face after a few hours, it might be because you choose the wrong combination. For example, if your foundation uses water as its primary ingredient, you should use a moisturizer or a primer that also has water in its composition. This is one of the most important details that not everybody knows, and which usually affects makeup durability.

2.      Loose powders over pressed powders!

Loose setting powders are key to having a long-lasting makeup. Remember how all of these famous beauty gurus only seem to use fancy loose powders? Well, there’s a good reason for that, and it’s not just because it looks cool. Loose powders are extremely finely milled, as opposed to pressed powders. These small powder particles can reach every spot on your face and integrate very well with the foundation, offering staying power. The pressed powder particles are not that small and while they may offer a smooth finish, wait a few hours and you’ll see the difference.

3.      You use a brush for powder!

If you are one of the millions of people who are using a brush to apply their powder, stop doing it now! Especially if you want long lasting makeup. Powder brushes require swiping motions across the skin. However, by doing this, you ignore the purpose of the powder, to fix your makeup. You practically erase everything from your face, including foundation, and end up with a makeup that will only last for a few hours. The powder puff is the best alternative when it comes to applying powder because it makes you use tapping motions. This way, the powder gets pressed into the skin and stays there for a long time.

In conclusion

So, now that you know some reasons why your makeup doesn’t last all day, will you make changes to your routine? What did you think about them? Do they make sense to you? Tell us what you think!

Image source: flickr