If you have acne or black heads, you should learn how to stop your face and use treatments to alleviate your skin problems. You should consider annihilating this obsessive and automatic habit. If you are anxious or stressed, or simply touch your face because you think you will get spots, you should simply stop doing it.

Being an acne picker can irritate your skin even more. Almost 95% of our actions are automatic, and we do not even have to think about them. Therefore, a lot of brain power is freed. However, when these things we do transform into a bad habit, then it’s time to intervene. Let’s take a look at some tips and tricks on how to stop picking your face.

How to Stop Picking Your Face

Tell your friends and family

If you tell your friends and family about your obsessive habit, you are more likely to stop picking your face. You will not only get accountable with yourself, but you will also be publicly accountable.

Scare yourself into stopping

You have no idea how bad you are affecting your skin, destroying the tissues while squeezing and picking it. When picking your face, you make your pores more likely to get clogged again, and you might also create some nasty scars.

Develop an anti-bad habit

To get rid of that urge to touch, pick or look at your face, take a deep breath and try to focus on a positive word. In this way, you will remind yourself how you would truly act in this situation, diminishing the urge and focusing on something else.

Try to focus on a new and positive habit to alleviate this bad one. Fill your mind with positive thoughts and make sure that you punish yourself every time you give in.

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Use these tricks to know how to stop picking your face to avoid more pimples from appearing.

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Use visualization

Imagine how your life would look like if you eliminate this habit. Just take a minute to visualize how your skin will be like. You should think about all the times when you performed this bad habit without knowing how bad you affect your skin. Picking your face all the time can only make your skin develop more pimples because of the bacteria buildup.

Every time you pick your face you are letting the bacteria on your hands to get into your skin’s pores and develop nasty pimples. Make sure your think about that next time you pick your face. Soon enough your brain will act in accordance, helping you get rid of such a terrible habit.

Find which are the emotional reasons behind the habit

Try to find out what is hiding behind this habit, determining what need you fill when you practice it. Some may do it because they believe that squeezing the pimples and acne can help them make the acne go away sooner. Well, you have never been more wrong than this in your life. Sometimes, when you fear for the acne to come back, you might go looking for it and pick your skin even before your pimples appear.

Summing up

Make sure you get rid of this nasty habit, using these tips and tricks. Keep in mind this advice to learn how to stop picking your face. It is better to use skin treatments to annihilate acne and pimples. You should visit your dermatologist to know how to fight against your skin problems.

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