If you’ve perfected your foundation routine, chances are you’re a huge fan of Beauty Blenders. A Beauty Blender is the makeup application tool that has saved many people from their worst makeup nightmares; they help people that know nothing about makeup, become experts. The only problem, however, is that they can become quite pricey knowing that it is recommended to replace them every other month. But don’t worry, there are plenty of hidden ways that could help make your Beauty Blender last up to twice as long!

Clean Your Beauty Blender Regularly

You should clean your Beauty Blender after every use, and deeply cleanse it at least once a week. To give your Beauty Blender a deep cleaning, soak it with warm water and gentle soap for 30 minutes, rinse it out with water, dry with a soft towel, and it will be good as new!

Avoid Ripping Or Tearing Your Beauty Blender

It can be difficult to avoid tearing your Beauty Blender, especially if you’re handling it while it is dry or your applying your makeup with sharp nails. So, while you’re using or cleaning your Beauty Blender, do NOT dig your nails into it, these small rips can tear the whole thing, wasting your hard-earned money!

Keep Your Beauty Blender In The Open

Rather than keeping your Beauty Blender in a container where it has no place to breathe, nowhere to let the moisture out, let it out in the open on a clean countertop. If the moisture is not let out, mold will set in and will ruin your Beauty Blender. So, keep your Beauty Blender out in an area that it can breathe and dry out for you to use again after cleaning it.

Will You Save Your Beauty Blender?

Knowing that your Beauty Blender can be saved by following a few easy tips, will you try them? Although Beauty Blenders are on the expensive side, if you take care of yours, you’re sure to get a few extra weeks, or even months, out of this purchase! This product is one that is worth the investment- it will improve your makeup routine greatly and add a flawless finish to your makeup look everyday. To perfect your makeup, buy a Beauty Blender of your own, here!

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