Strawberry blonde hair is a stunning color. Somewhere between the sun-kissed blonde and the fiery red, it’s a perfect blend which manages to bring both empowerment and delicacy to your look. There are many ways through which you can experiment with this style. Keep reading to discover all the fun haircuts, hairstyles, and shades you can apply.

Top 8 Ideas for Strawberry Blonde Hair

#1 Classic Pale

Light Strawberry Blonde


The classic shade of strawberry blonde is cute and sweet and it looks absolutely gorgeous with long, flowing locks. It’s an absolute classic look and it works incredibly well with a fitting wardrobe full of color and adorable polka dots designs.

#2 Almost Copper

Warm Strawberry Blonde


We’re starting to steer away from the traditional sweet strawberry hue and we’re now venturing into the territory of a shade which is more reminiscent of a bold copper. The balance to this style stems from the highlighted hair tips which manage to give the hair an overall strawberry blonde picture.

#3 Strawberry Highlights

Strawberry Highlights


You don’t need to give your hair a complete make-over in order to enjoy the ginger, sunny vibes of strawberry blonde. Whether you’re a natural brown-haired person or dyed, you can breathe some life into your mane. Do so by filling it with gorgeous strawberry blonde highlights.

#4 Purple Highlights

Purple Highlights


If you’ve been sporting the strawberry blonde look for a while, the classic ideas may not do it for you anymore. Instead, try spicing up your style by intertwining some purple highlights which create a fantastic contrast for an explosion of colors.

#5 Rainbow of Blonde

Blonde Highlights


Bring out the best of what shades of blonde have to offer by turning your hair into a canvas for gorgeous shades of blonde. From platinum to golden and to the strawberry blonde that’s the star of this guide, you can attain a stunning rainbow of blonde highlights.

#6 Pastel Strawberry

Nude Strawberry Blonde


Pastels have been at the peak of trendiness in the past few years and, in our humble opinion, pastel shades of strawberry blonde haven’t been getting the love they deserve. Ideal for a paler complexion, this creamy, soft shade will surely make you stand out.

#7 Pretty Pinkish

Pretty Peach


The traditional peach balayage earns a twist through the addition of a few shades of pink. It’s not your average pastel pink nor your burning magenta. This hue is an uniquely eye-catching one, perfect to plaster over the nuances of strawberry blonde.

#8 Layered Reds and Oranges

Dark Copper


Layered haircuts look stunning with lots of highlights and subtle ombres. This look manages to combine them both, knitting into your hair various shades of red, orange, and, of course, strawberry blonde.

Wrapping Up

And that was all to disprove the misconceptions that strawberry blonde hair is all the same. Now you know that’s not the case. Not only are there a bunch of different shades you can experiment with, but it’s all about how you incorporate the colors into your hair as well. Play with highlights, ombres, layered haircuts, and have fun bringing out the best of what this gorgeous color has to offer.