Your garden may contain a secret remedy for weight loss. A flower a day can keep the pounds away.


You think only ingredients from your kitchen can help you lose weight?

 Quite the contrary.

Your garden is rich with stuff that can aid you weight loss program, and provide you with health benefits in the meantime.

I am sure you didn’t think flowers can help you lose weight?

After all, the main goal of flowers is to improve the smell and aroma in your house. Well, think again.

A new study has showed that one particular flower can be a huge asset in your weight loss goal.

The Study

The study was conducted in 2014 by the Food and Function journal.

In the study, participants at the age between 18 and 65 were drinking hibiscus tea, as the team of scientists was trying to find a link between this mint flower and weight loss.

Scientists found out that the flower, which we know as a popular tea and beverage, can also help you lose weight.

Over a twelve week period, obese participants were given tablets of hibiscus extract at a safe environment, Chung Shan Medical University Hospital in Taiwan.

The participants in the study were divided into two groups.

One of the groups was given two tablets of extract three times per day.

The other group received two sugar tablets in the same time.

In order to make the study more accurate, the team of researchers analyzed parameters such as waist circumference, body fat percentage, waist-to-hip ratio, blood glucose, and serum lipase.

The parameters were analyzed before and after the 12 week period.

And as the results showed, participants in the group taking tablets with hibiscus extract had reduced their body fat percentage, as well as waist circumference and waist-to-hip ratio.

Now, before you go all in on hibiscus tea and drown yourself in the beverage, note that this doesn’t mean that simply drinking green tea will help you lose your belly fat.

No, hibiscus tea helps with the weight loss process, but it takes much more than that.

You should absolutely include hibiscus tea in your daily diet, but do not limit yourself to just that.

Why Should You Drink Hibiscus Tea for Weight Loss?

If weight loss is not your goal, there are numerous other health benefits of drinking hibiscus tea.

The flower, known as hibiscus sabdariffa, is part of the tropical flowers family known as the Malvaceae family.

Aside from hibiscus, the family also includes cocoa, cotton, and okra.

Native to warm climates, hibiscus grows around the world, and you can grow it in your garden as well.

Over the years, hibiscus tea has become a popular medicinal tea due to its health benefits.

Despite the sour taste, some people drink it simply because it is healthy.

And if you mind the taste, you can always sweeten it with some natural sugar alternatives such as stevia or honey.

Now, onto the health benefits of drinking hibiscus tea. As mentioned, weight loss is one of the benefits.

But hibiscus also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Additionally, the tea contains anti-tumor compounds that work as well as vitamin C and flavonoids.

Drinking hibiscus tea lowers your absorption of glucose, which further helps with weight loss, but also decreases the amount of sugar you are taking.

Some “side benefits” of consuming hibiscus tea include: cholesterol decrease, relieving menstrual pain, helps and improves digestion, helps with blood pressure management, protects your liver, reduces anxiety and depression.

Final Words

Hibiscus is not a miracle flower that will magically make you lose 10 pounds.

But incorporating everything that helps with weight loss is the key.

Remember, small things make a large goal achievable, so do not ignore them.

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