What’s the right eyeshadow for blue eyes? This is the question we’re trying to find an answer to. With the right kind of color combinations, you can make your eyes pop even more, bringing out their truly enthralling nature. Keep on reading to see the perfect color combinations for your eyes, as well as some detailed tutorials which show you how to achieve this look step by step.

5 Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes Color Combinations

#1 Make Blue eyes POP! Bronze Glitter Make up Tutorial!

By: Rachel Leary

Perfect both for a day or night party, this flawless look really veils you in a Hollywood diva allure, even if you’ll sprinkle over your eyelids bronze shimmers instead of gold. Long lashes, nice, warm shades of bronze, and a magical vibe – this is the best way to describe this makeup. The nice bonus touch of this tutorial is that you also get the perfect matte lipstick to match it.

#2 Basic Brown Smokey Eye Tutorial

By: Laura Leth

Contrasting your eyes is the oldest trick in the book, so it shouldn’t come off as a surprise that we recommend dark colors for your blue eyes. Rather than the heavy, all-black smokey look, we’re ranking on this spot a softer smokey eye which uses the softer blends of earthy hues and browns.

#3 How To: Make Blue Eyes Pop! | Orange Smokey Eye

By: Eimear McElheron

We’re noticing a recurring theme over here: blue eyes go incredibly well with autumnish shades. Orange is the kind of eyeshadow color that doesn’t get nearly as much love as it deserves if you ask us. Well, no more. If you want your azure irises to look their best, spike that perfect winged eyeliner and coat your eyelid with sprinkles of orange.

#4 Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes | Silver Smokey Eye Tutorial

By: Inertia of Beauty

Here’s a look that we wouldn’t recommend for your average afternoon out in the park. This smokey eye look involves lots of eyeliner and silver dusts, making it an outstanding idea for a night out in the city, regardless of location. Perfect with a soft, coral lipstick, this silver smokey will make all heads turn around you.

#5 Natural Prom Makeup Tutorial

By: Lauren Curtis

Don’t let the title of this tutorial turn you away. Even though it’s definitely aimed to be a gorgeous prom look, it works for just about any occasion thanks to its rather light finish. Despite having the word ‘natural’ in the name, it’s not really natural to the point where you can take a stroll in the park and expect your makeup to go unnoticed. By the standards of a prom or a party, though? Yeah, it’s beautifully mild. And most importantly? It makes your blueness stand out.

Wrapping Up

And those were our eyeshadow for blue eyes recommendations. Remember that a black or grey smokey can only go so far and that there are plenty of other colors which can make your beautiful iris shade pop. Grab your makeup kit and have fun experimenting!

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