Every girl would enjoy some pink nail designs to suit her style and express femininity. When growing up, we have all learned that pink is the cutest color for girls and we have since used it on our nails, accessories, and clothes. However, when you are a grown-up woman and wear pink from head to toe might be a little bit too much. Try to combine this color with black or white to tone it done. The same reason can be used when it comes to painting your nails.

White pearls and pink

Light pink and white nail polish on nails with white pearls and golden stickers

Try out one of the cute pink nail designs here to get a feminine look.

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This manicure looks so feminine and elegant! After applying your base coat, alternate a matte pink nail polish with a matte white one and use some nail accessories to make them even more exquisite. Add some white pearls and golden rhinestones to make your look even more glamorous.

Cute pink spots

Manicure with two shades of pink nail polish and white nail polish

These cute pink nail designs look incredible, revealing your playful and creative side.

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A pink nail polish combined with a white one can only result in a nice and feminine manicure. Use two different shades of pink nail polish and a white nail polish. Also, you will need a base coat, top coat and nail dotting tool. Alternate the two shades of pink on your finger nails leaving one of the nails for the white nail polish. After the white nail polish has dried, use the dotting tool to design small pink spots. This is the cutest manicure!

Pink nails and glitter

A pink nail polish bottle in someone's hand having pink nail polish on fingernails, white sticker, glitter and white nail polish

Find which one of these cute pink nail designs suits you best and get creative.

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If you want to get more creative and you want an exquisite manicure, you should try to apply some nail stickers and glitter. Paint only some of your nails with pink nail polish, and on the rest of them, you could apply a pink glitter nail polish. This manicure looks amazing!

Pink flowers

Someone's hands, one over the other, with pink nails and white nail polish on the ring fingers

You should choose one of these cute pink nail designs if you want an exquisite manicure.

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What could be greater than a cute pink nail design involving flowers? Be creative and draw a nice pink flower on your ring finger. Use a thin brush, black, white and pink nail polish to get this fantastic manicure. Paint all your fingernails in pink except your ring fingers. Apply white nail polish and start designing the flower.

Sparkly pink nails

Light shade of pink on nails with darker shad of pink glitter at the tip and pink glitter on the ring finger

Any woman would enjoy one of these cute pink nail designs with glitter for a spectacular look.

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This glamorous manicure is perfect for parties. Apply a base coat and then apply a pink nail polish. Make sure that the shade of pink you choose is lighter than the shade of pink glitter. Carefully apply the pink glitter on the tip of every nail to create a fading effect. Use a chunky glitter to make sure it is visible. Isn’t this one of the cute pink nail designs?

Little hearts on pink

Pink nail polish with black little spots and black hearts, holding a gray woolen sweater

The cute pink nail designs will definitely complete your look, adding more glam to it.

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To get this manicure, you will need pink and black nail polish and a nail dotting tool. Apply your base coat, the pink nail polish and then start making black dots on your nails. For more romantic and feminine look, draw little black hearts on your nails to have the cutest manicure.

Gathering our brushes

All these cute pink nail designs will highlight your femininity while revealing your creative side. Feel free to add rhinestones, stickers or glitter to get a more complex manicure. Do not forget about applying a base coat and a top coat after you are done painting your nails.

Image Source: Pinterest