We need to admit that not everyone is skillful at applying foundation and sometimes could be tricky. Furthermore, finding the right foundation could be even more difficult. Most women do not know the correct way to apply foundation, and the result is a cakey mess. Just take a look at these seven mistakes to avoid when applying foundation and your face will look flawless.

You don’t use the right tools

Sometimes, obtaining a cakey look may be just because of the tools you are using to apply the foundation. All those sizes and shapes of brushes and beauty blenders could get confusing. Some makeup artists advise you to try applying the foundation with a foundation brush and then use a wet beauty blender to blend in the product. Furthermore, you can use a kabuki or fiber brush if you choose to apply a powder foundation. Use these two tools to buff the powder into your skin.

You don’t have good lighting

When putting on makeup, you always need to make sure that the lighting is perfect. Therefore, when walking to a department store to pick the foundation, they might have a yellowish or gray lighting which is useless. Sometimes, you might choose the wrong product only because of the lighting in the store. Nevertheless, at home, try applying your foundation by placing a mirror at a window to use natural light. The yellow light in the bathroom might make you think that you need more foundation than you actually do.

You don’t wash your tools

Depending on how much you used your tools, you need to set a particular period at which you wash them all. If your makeup brush does not work the same as it did at first, do not throw it away! Wash all your tools and let them dry. Hence, you can use them again, offering you the same results. If you feel like washing your tools every time you use them, that’s even better. Therefore, you avoid the risk of spreading germs and bacteria.

You don’t change your foundation according to the seasons

If the area you live in experiences all four seasons, then you should use a foundation for summer and another one for winter. During the warmer seasons, your skin looks darker because you get tanned. Furthermore, in winter, you might need a foundation which is more hydrating, protecting your skin from the cold weather.


When applying foundation, make sure you use the proper tools to blend it in.

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You use it to cover your zits

Some women may tend to cover their pimples by using a double amount of foundation which they apply onto their affected skin. Makeup artists advise you to avoid covering zits with foundation and try out some concealer. Hence, a concealer could help you hide your imperfections without having a cakey look.

You do not blend the foundation past the jawline

Blending is the most important step when applying foundation. If you want to have a seamless look, then make sure you blend in the foundation past your neck and jawline. Otherwise, your face and your neck will have two different textures and colors. Use beauty blenders helps with blending the foundation.

You don’t set it properly

When you apply a setting powder, you need to make sure that you have correctly set the foundation. Otherwise, the powder will settle into fine lines and your skin will look dry. Furthermore, you need to be very careful to avoid applying too much setting powder. It may give you a ghostly reflection of a neon light.

Summing up, the way in which you apply your makeup is very important to get a seamless look. Pay attention to the tool you use and the foundation you choose. You should pick a product which is appropriate for your skin type and color.