When you are working all day long, you don’t really get a chance to keep re-doing your makeup. Sitting at the office or working away in your line of profession can be tough – the temperature might change, you might sweat and all this can influence how your makeup looks. If you don’t want to end up looking like a hot mess after your workday, here are tips that’ll help you achieve a beautiful and natural look for the day. With these 10 long-lasting makeup tips, you are guaranteed to look red carpet ready from nine to five.

#1: Don’t over moisturize your skin

You don’t want to over moisturize your skin because it can cause the foundation to slip and smear. However, you don’t want to skip hydrating your skin because it can cause it to look dull and flaky. Use a hydrating mask in the morning to get the skin ready. REN Flash Rinse 1-minute facial is a good pick. You could also opt for a hydrating primer for added hydration, such as the Autograph Radiance Primer.

#2: Pick a liquid and light foundation

Don’t go for a heavy foundation for workdays, especially in the summer. A light and a liquid based foundation will provide your skin with a beautiful sheer that lasts the whole day. Maybelline Fit Me foundation is a great budget-friendly choice.

#3: Finish with a setting spray

Setting sprays are a must-have for working women. The spray will be added right at the end of the makeup process and it’ll help everything stay in place throughout the day. You don’t want to pick anything too cheap, as these don’t have very good staying power. Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray, available at The Hut with saving codes is a good pick.

#4: Prime face, lips, and eyes

Primer is another important tool for creating a long-lasting makeup. You want to use a primer on your face but also the eyelids and lips. It provides you with hydration and staying power. Make Up For Ever has a great line-up of primers you want to try.

#5: Avoid shimmery products

While shimmery makeup looks pretty, it shouldn’t really be used during a long workday. If you are out at a party or just having brunch with friends, you can pick shimmery eye shadow and lipstick. But when it comes to going to work for a full day, matte products will last longer and look better at the end of the day.

#6: Opt for waterproof mascara and eyeliner

When it comes to using mascara and eyeliner, you have to opt for the waterproof versions. These last longer and they won’t start smearing your face in the middle of the day. Pick Blinc Mascara Amplified for the lashes and Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner for the eyelids.

#7: Powdering up your lips

For lips, you should use the popular powdering and layering trick. Start by coloring the whole lip with your lip pencil – not just the lines. Apply loose powder over the penciled lip and then apply your chosen lipstick. After applying one layer of lipstick, you want to powder the lip again, before adding another layer of lipstick.

#8: Settle your brows with gel liner

Eyebrows are a tricky part of long-lasting makeup. When we speak and smile, we move our brows and this can easily get them disorganized. If you need staying power, you want to opt for gel liners. These will hold the brows in place much better than pencils or creams. Smashbox gel liners are definitely a must-have product for a long-lasting makeup.

#9: Layer your cheek

When adding cheek color, don’t just stick to one type of blush. For a better and longer-lasting look, you want to layer your blush. Start by adding a cream-based blush, like Revlon Cream Blush first. Go over the blush with a powder blush such as the Too Faced Love Flush Long-lasting 16-hour Blush. You can finish it off with a bronzer. For the summer, the Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder Bronzer is a superb pick.

#10: Dab with blotting paper during the day

If you notice your face is beginning to shine, don’t start adding more powder or start rubbing off the shine. Instead, you want to gently dab your face with blotting papers throughout the day. This removes the shine and oiliness without removing your makeup or creating a smeared layer of fresh and old powder.


If you suffer from makeup mishaps during your workday, these ten tips should help you solve the problem. The tricks will create a long-lasting makeup that is guaranteed to make you feel and look good – no matter how long and hard you got to work!