The famous and eternal smokey eye makeup is for absolutely everyone who is brave enough to try it. Not only celebrities and models are allowed to wear this look. It’s elegant and mysterious and usually perfect for a night out or a fancy event. Also, it’s surprisingly simple to recreate, even if it may not necessarily look like a simple look. While there are some steps that you need to follow, there is nothing too complicated to reproduce in the process of creating a smokey eye makeup. It’s also important for you to know that a smokey eye look doesn’t only work with blacks and greys. You can do it using a variety of different colors and tones, from green to purple, blue and even browns and gold. It’s all a matter of preference and an alternative for people who think that the black smokey eye is a bitt too dramatic. So, in this article we have prepared a mini tutorial on how to do smokey eye makeup in four simple steps, along with some tips from professional makeup artist Nyssa Green. Here we go!

Creating the smokey eye makeup

Step 1

Nyssa says that the first step is the most important one because it represents the base for the entire makeup look to be built on. You should also first apply an eyelid primer to make sure that the makeup stays on for a long time. After the primer, with a brush, you should apply a dark shade of the color you want to choose. It can be either black or brown and grey for hazel and blue eyes, navy and green shades for brown and green eyes. Concentrate the color near the lash line and gently blend it upwards towards the crease.

Step 2

Under the eyebrow you need to then apply a lighter shade of eyeshadow. It can be a white or a beige but be careful not to use something too white because it will look bad. Then blend the two colors together with a blending brush so they meet in harmony and are no harsh lines left.

Step 3

Then you should take a dark eyeliner and line the inside of the bottom lashes, or the waterline, as it’s often called. It can be either black, brown, dark blue, grey or dark green. However, don’t leave the line like that! Slightly smudge it with a brush to create that effortless look. A nice tip from Nyssa is to also use metallic colors, especially for holidays. They will make your eyes pop even more.

Step 4

The final touch is to add a touch of black liner, often called kohl, on the top lids, near the lashes. Smudge that line too but be careful to not destroy the rest of the makeup. Dark mascara in numerous coats complete this mysterious and vampy look perfectly. Nyssa says that you can also add winged liner for an even more dramatic look, instead of the kohl.

Wrapping it all up

Nyssa Green thinks that everyone can try this look. For more conservative people, you can try doing it with neutral shades. It will also look amazing! So, what did you think about our guide and professional tips on how to do smokey eye makeup? Will you do it too? What shades do you prefer? Tell us down below!

Image source: flickr