A home facial is one of the best things that you can get at a spa. Except that, with some simple ingredients and steps that you need to follow, you can get one without ever leaving your house. No money or time spent at fancy salons! It’s worth mentioning that a steam facial has enormous benefits for your skin while costing almost nothing, if done at home. The steam that touches your skin improves circulation, cleans clogged pores in depth, hydrates dry skin, and loosens blackheads for an easier removal. These are all the reasons why we have prepared a guide on how to do a steam facial at home in five easy steps.

It’s interesting that by adding some fresh or dry herbs you can get an even more professional steam facial in the comfort of your own home. You will only need a few things that are very easy to get and cost almost nothing. Curious about how a steam facial can have the same benefits as a spa one? Keep reading!

What you’ll need

  • ·         Facial cleanser
  • ·         Washcloth
  • ·         Ceramic or glass bowl
  • ·         Bath towel
  • ·         Dry or fresh herbs (optional)

Step 1

You will first have to prepare your face by washing it with a gentle facial cleanser. Rinse your face with lukewarm water and pat it dry with a towel. If you happen to have long hair, make sure to tie it in a bun to avoid getting it wet and in your face.

Step 2

You will then need to boil some water and let it cool for a few minutes. It’s important to have the water still hot, but not boiling. Then, pour the water into your bowl and place it on a safe and sturdy surface. Don’t try to do a steam facial while in your bed, for example. That’s a no, no!

Step 3

You can now add the fresh or dried herbs, if you prefer it. If you have oily skin, choose lavender or mint. In case of a sensitive skin, calendula, chamomile, and comfrey work amazing. You can also add a piece of licorice root to open your pores. Rose petals or orange blossoms are the best for a relaxing, soothing experience. After choosing your herbs, you now need to lean over the bowl with a large bath towel over your head. That will create the desired steam tent. Remain at least 12 inches from the steam.

Step 4

Stay there for 5 to 7 minutes, with small breaks to breathe if you feel uncomfortable. Also, you need to stop the facial sooner if you have severe acne, sensitive skin, or if you feel any discomfort.

Step 5

Finally, after your facial is done, you will need to wipe your face with a cool washcloth. That will close your pores and remove any impurities that are left on your skin.

Wrapping it all up

So, what did you think about our guide on how to do a steam facial at home? Will you try it now that you know all the ingredients and steps? It’s indeed one of the most effective treatments that you can do to clean up your skin. Tell us your opinions in the comment section down below!

Image source: pinterest