Gel nails are great. They look fabulous and last more than two weeks. After a while, you will probably want to take them off. There are two possible solutions when it comes to how to remove gel nails. You can go back to the beauty salon and have them removed. However, you can skip that step and remove them by yourself, at home. Read our recommendation and find out how to get rid of gel nails in a safe way.

How to Remove Gel Nails: A Step-By-Step Guide

how to remove gel nails fast and simple at home

Soak Your Nails into A Bowl of Acetone

Even though acetone is a common polish removal, in the case of a gel manicure, you will need a stronger solution such as a pure acetone mix. Before putting your fingers in it, place the acetone bowl in a larger container filled with warm water. Be careful when doing this because acetone is extremely flammable.

Moisturize Your Nails with Petroleum Jelly

As you all know, acetone dries out your skin as well as your nails. You can either use petroleum jelly or other things like lotions and balms. Apply this gel on and around your nails but be careful how much lotion you put on your fingers. The acetone will have to dissolve it completely.

Use Foils and Acetone to Wrap Your Fingers

Put some acetone on cotton balls and wrap your nails with them, using an aluminum foil to keep it in place. This is a valuable step when it comes to how to remove gel nails. Leave it on your nails for about 30 minutes to make sure the acetone soaks the gel polish.

Clean Your Nails

After removing the foils from your fingers, you will have to rinse the acetone off, using warm water. Then, use a nail file to remove all the gel that remained on the surface of your nails. For the next couple of days, you will have to take good care of your nails because the acetone might have dried them out.

How to Repair Your Nails After a Gel Manicure

Hydrate Your Nails

Use a moisturizing cream or lotion for your fingers and nails. Hydrate them the same way you do it for your face, after washing it. Polish and acetone are things that might damage your nails, so try to replenish them. There are plenty of solutions you can find in the beauty industry, from cuticle moisturizers to oils and nourishing hand creams.

Wait A Longer Period Until the Next Gel Manicure

Give your nails a well-deserved break. There are plenty of information on how to remove gel nails, but some women forget to take care of them after peeling off the gel. Use oil treatments for your fingers, and wait at least two weeks before applying a new set of gel nails.

Final Words

There are plenty of ways to get rid of nail polish such as peeling, soaking, and filing. If you were wondering how to remove gel nails, the method described above is the most popular and effective one. You can either do this in a professional way by going to a salon, or you can remove gel polish at home. Either way, make sure you properly hydrate your nails after removing the gel.

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