In recent years, hair accessories, which once were a must-have in any hairstyle, have gotten a very bad reputation. In the age of complex technology, it seems that people must become as simple as possible. This is why many hair accessories have been left behind. According to some, they were “too much”. At the same time, other people have said that hair accessories are a thing of the past and make everyone who wears them look like a little kid. It is all a matter of perspective but if you know how to wear them, they can completely transform an otherwise boring and simple hairstyle.

The New York Fashion Week was full of amazing hairstyles that included, among other things, hair accessories. They did not look outdated and they did not make the models look like little girls. So, where’s the problem? Darlings, there is NO problem when it comes to wearing interesting hair accessories. This is why we’ve asked two of the most important hair stylists to offer us some tips on how to wear hair accessories in a modern and trendy fashion. You will surely want to check those out!

1.      Headbands, headbands everywhere!

Eva Scrivo from the famous Eva Scrivo Salon in New York is one of those people who are still believing in the magic of hair accessories. For her, this is all about donning some headbands, pins and other accessories without looking like you have been thrown out of a Gossip Girl episode. Her favorites? Headbands for sure! The fabric doesn’t matter, the color doesn’t matter, and the size doesn’t matter! According to Eva, the right headband for you will make your head and haircut seem perfectly proportional. The trick is to place it closer to your forehead. You can use golden headbands if you have warm highlights and silver ones if you have a cooler hair shade. At the same time, the bandana headbands are back in action! So, if you feel cool and edgy, you can try one too. It will completely change your look and attitude.

2.      Pins do not belong on the Titanic

Eva Scrivo has another favorite hair accessory: hair pins! They can be sued in a variety of ways and they do not have to look like they belong on the Titanic. Hair pins nowadays look modern and edgy. They can secure your hair and create a unique and beautiful hair style. If you don’t feel secure enough to wear bold and colorful pin, you can tone it down and add a simple yet elegant one. It will make a big difference!

3.      The rock and roll ring braids

Hairstylist Lacy Redway has yet another idea for those of you feeling brave enough to try an unusual hair accessory: the ring braids. They are practical, easy to do and will look like you just escaped from a Mad Max movie, meaning very cool! Usual braids are boring but add some hair rings and things change completely!

Summing it all up

Finally, you should know that all of these hairstyles can easily be achieved at home. Now we want to hear your opinions on hair accessories. Did our article on how to wear hair accessories help you? Did it give you courage to try? We want to know!

Image source: pxhere