A dramatic eye makeup is perfect for a night out with your friends, for a party or even a special occasion. However, this is intricate work and may necessitate a lot of time and effort to obtain an amazing look. A dramatic eye makeup is a bold statement, revealing your inner goddess.

Dramatic Brown Smokey Eye

by Melissa Samways

Before starting your eye makeup, apply your primer, foundation, and concealer as you would normally do. Then, stick a piece of tape underneath the outer corner of your eye. This will help you draw straight lines. Make sure you apply a concealer all over your lid using a concealer brush. Below your eyebrow apply a light color to highlight. Use a small blending brush to apply a shade of brown. This color will create a little dimension. Therefore, make sure you blend it really well.

Next, choose a shade of gray and apply it over the chocolate eye shadow. Blend well to create a smokey effect. Use a darker shade of brown and apply it at the outer corner of your eye. Add a little at a time and blend. Then, apply a glittery eye shadow towards the inner corner of your eye.

Use a small brush to apply a light color in your tear duct area. Next, use a thin brush to apply the same shade of brown you used on your upper lid which you will be now using on your lower lid, contouring the eye. Then, blend that darker shade of brown using a lighter shade of brown. Apply your black eye liner and mascara.

Classic Black Smokey Eye Tutorial

by An Knook

Start by applying a lid primer. Use a light shade to set the crease, not on your eyelid. Use a nude shade and blend it on your crease. Take a darker shade of brown and blend it in the crease as well. Then, use a darker shade of beige and also blend it in your crease just to make sure that there are no harsh lines. Next, use a dark red and apply it starting above your tear duct area, in a curve towards the outer corner of the eye.

Apply your eye liner all over your eye lid as a base for your black eye shadow. Then, apply the black eye shadow straight above the black eye liner and blend it on the edges. Again, use the dark red shade and blend it around the edges of the black eye shadow. Next, use a lighter concealer to apply it underneath your eye brow. Apply a white shade on top the concealer underneath your eye brow.

Use a black eye pencil and apply it on your lash line. Use the black eye shadow for the edge of your lower lid. To make it look extra smokey, use the brown eye shadow, following the line of the black eye shadow. Make sure you blend it really well. Apply your mascara, and now you are ready! You will have a spectacular look!

Gathering our brushes

When choosing for a dramatic eye makeup, you need to know that you will need patience to blend each layer of eye shadow. Furthermore, you need to make sure you use the appropriate brushes every time you apply a new eye shadow. Blending is the key for an amazing smokey eyes-look. A dramatic eye makeup will make you look like a queen. Go on and try it and make sure you own a suitable outfit!

Image Source: YouTube