Contouring make up sounds difficult but is not that hard to do, once you get the hang of it. It is all about creating shades to redefine and enhance your facial features. There are some tips and tricks you must follow. Let’s see the best way and recommendations to create the perfect beauty masterpiece.

What Is Contouring Make Up?

Contouring make up is all about using different shades to highlight your natural features. Back in the days, this technique was called “layers upon layers” and the result was dark and dramatic. Nowadays, this method enhances cheekbones and slims your face.

Even though this beauty trick was known only by runway model and cosmetic experts, today it is much more accessible thanks to all the beauty bloggers and YouTube vloggers. If you follow online tutorials, you will soon learn the proper way to reshape your face and create a beautiful, harmonious structure. It is all about tricking the eye into seeing something else.

How to Do Contouring Make Up

different shades of contouring make up

Choose The Right Foundation

Pick the right foundation that matches the color of your skin. This will be the base on which you will start to create darker and lighter lines. Apply it all over your face and neckline. Make sure this product has the same texture as all the other things you will use. This way, they will all blend better.

Highlight Your Qualities

To enhance your beautiful face areas, use a lighter foundation. Choose one that is brighter than your skin tone. For example, a good area to place this product is under your eyes. Light up that part because we all have dark circles that might make us look tired and unhealthy.

Use Darker Foundation to Hide Some Features

Apply darker foundation on those areas that you don’t want to be the first thing others see. You can make your cheekbones look slimmer and sharper. Also, you can narrow your forehead and chin. Did you know that you can even make your nose look smaller? Well, all these are possible when you use darker shades.

Blend All the Shades

At this point, your face is probably full of different shades. Take a bigger brush and start blending all these together. Don’t stop until your face gains an even color. If you want, you can also use a small makeup sponge or even your fingers, instead of a brush.

Don’t Forget About Final Touches

To complete the contouring make up process, you should use both a highlighter and blush. Use a cream highlighter because it will give you that shimmery effect. You can add blush if you want, but don’t forget about a matte powder. This will make your face look even, and it will get you rid of oily skin.

Final Words

Is contouring make up effective? As long as you apply it correctly, and you don’t exaggerate with using too many shades, contouring make up is effective. If you use the right technique and the proper products, your result will be a great one. Follow our recommendations and create your own red-carpet appearance.

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