Short acrylic nails need some lovin’ too. Forget all the Instagram flaunting of long and pointy nails and gather the resources necessary to reproduce one of the following designs. Some may be more difficult to achieve than others, but the end result is worth any possible efforts. If you’re looking to do a DIY Manicure, check out our Ultimate Guide to DIY Manicures. Without further ado, here are our faves, paired with brief descriptions of how to manage to get that look.

6 Gorgeous Designs for Short Acrylic Nails

#1 Glittery 3D Floral Print

Time to prepare for the arrival of spring by practicing this killer design: killer in its simplicity, but especially in the effect it will have on your nails. You can complete the look in two ways.

  1. Coat your nails with clear polish and then apply the flowery prints. At the end, sprinkle some golden glitter to solidify the 3D texture.
  2. Alternatively, use a shimmery polish from the get-go and end the process at the application of the flowers.

See what it looks like.

#2 Rainbow French Manicure

Not a fan of the classic French manicure? Maybe you’ll find this colorful alternative more appealing. Instead of painting the tops of your nails with that boring white polish, make it into an explosion of rainbow shades. This is a double-twist: you ditch the white and you give every nail a bichrome design.

See what it looks like.

#3 Party Pink and Silver Showers

The hot pink shade screams party, but there’s something about the way the silver breaks apart and scatters across the nail that makes it look incredibly elegant. In other words, you get a fantastic combo of fun vibes and classiness that balance each other out.

See what it looks like.

#4 Brown Gel and Golden Sprinkles

We don’t give brown nail polish nearly as much attention as it deserves. In combination with golden shades, you can acquire an eye-catchy effect that’s guaranteed to give you a huge boost in class. This design’s unevenness makes it fun while the palette choices, kept in balance by the plainness of the brown and the shimmer of the golden, make it a combo.

See what it looks like.

#5 Play of Pinks, Blacks, and Whites

It’s surely more difficult to build intricate designs on a shorter nail, but you can totally make up for the lack of space by turning your entire hand into a design. Give each nail uniqueness and toy around with color combinations that make use of pink, silver, black, and white.

See what it looks like.

#6 Stones and Colors

When in lack of inspiration or complicated ideas, you can always count that 3D prints and glowing stones will have a significant impact. Settle for a color of polish that you love and then experiment with patterns that make use of flowers and stones.

See what it looks like.

Wrapping Up

With these suggestions, your short acrylic nails may not be impactful through length, but they will surely compliment your personality and make you stand out. Choose a design you liked and pour in your own twists to make them even more memorable. Looking for more nail design ideas? 5 Ideas for Cute Acrylic Nails: Channel Your Inner Cute Monster


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