Top 35 Natural Beauty Products

natural beauty products

It’s common for us to spend countless hours wandering the aisles of organic and whole foods for the best healthy dinners, religiously follow our weekly workout routine, and yet the products in our medicine and makeup cabinet do not receive the same level of careful consideration. We seem to be letting in just about any formula that promises all sorts of 'magic’ and 'miracles’. There are so many beauty products on the market that offer different things, but only natural beauty products offer the truth!

The average person lathers, slathers, sprays and rubs about 10 different skin care products on their body every single day. As a result of this, our skins absorb about 130 chemicals that we regularly expose ourselves to every day. FDA and cosmetic companies maintain that these chemicals are safe, well many of them are, in small doses at least. However, if you consider that an average woman wears makeup every single day, you will begin to understand how a quick spray here and a little dab there eventually adds ups.

The fact is we need to start considering some healthier and safer ways of handling our skins, hair, and nails. The good news is, new organic brands are finding all-natural ingredients to treat aging skin, pigmentation, sunburns, parched complexions, acne, etc., and their products are not just effective, they are safer and better. Below is a list of our top 35 suggested natural beauty products that will not only keep your skin glowing and younger but will also help you avoid harming your body with the harsh conventional chemical found in beauty products.

1. Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath

This bath cream only requires a small scoop in a bath; you will start sweating out all the toxins and impurities after soaking for a few minutes. It’s not your typical calming and luxurious bath product, but if you are feeling unwell, try is out and you will feel refreshed. After soaking for 10 -20 minutes, rinse yourself off, wrap yourself in a clean sheet and go to sleep. You will sweat some more, but you will feel very refreshed, relaxed and much better when you wake up. The product detoxifies you and knocks off flu or cold right out.

2. Sunday Riley U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil

This is a great toning oil that has been a buzz of the year for the most part of 2016 and it’s not about to fall off the top natural beauty products list anytime soon. The oil is formulated with tea tree oil, milk, salicylic acid and cucumber, and works as an acne treatment, toner and illuminating moisturizer all rolled up into one pretty package.

3. Tammy Fender Quintessential Serum

If you love customized formulations and holistic natural beauty products, you may be familiar with Tammy Fender’s genius beauty products. The Quintessential Serum emphasizes in the highest quality of botanicals that offer deep healing and nourishment and works at cellular levels to rejuvenate and balance your skin. It delivers instant radiance and smells great.

4. Pharmacy Enzyme Peel

This is another much-loved multitasking brand that covers a wide range of skin needs from anti-aging and anti-inflammatory, to moisturizing cream and baby potions. It combines herbal and homeopathic with the best of science to formulate an effective product that really makes you feel good while using it. The Pharmacy Enzyme Peel contains papaya, Vitamin C, lemon, goji and acai berries and pineapple that all work together to transform your skin in just 10 minutes.

5. Juice Beauty Revitalizing Day Moisturizer

Juice Beauty line of natural beauty products started less than 2 years ago but has quickly risen to become a brand that everyone is talking about. This best-selling moisturizer is formulated with USDA certified organic ingredients and it promises to deeply moisturize and hydrate your skin and fade the visibility of aging signs such as wrinkles, skin pigmentation and fine lines. The primary ingredients include the possible edible iris leaf extract, apple juice, and lavender oil.

6. Invati Exfoliating Shampoo by Aveda

The Invati shampoo guarantees fuller, thicker hair with continued use. The hardest working ingredient is the salicylic acid derived from turmeric and wintergreen; it keeps your scalp grease-free and strengthens the follicles.

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7. Saviour Skin Balm by Antipodes

Saviour is an award-winning balm that acts as an anti-fungal and antibacterial agent that will treat bruises, cracked skin, sunburn and sore muscles.

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8. Revive Body Wash by Aromatherapy Associates

Revive Body Wash is an excellent blend of pink grapefruit, bergamot, neroli, and fragrance that offers deep skin cleansing with a calming and soothing experience. The antibacterial and antifungal properties are not as strong as what you will find in your typical antiseptic washes, but it’s great for sensitive skins.

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9. Body Scrub for Energizing and Detoxifying by Ila Spa

This body scrub is made from Himalayan salt crystals, seaweed, geranium, lemongrass and lavender and they all work together to energize and soothe your skin. Simply apply this on a damp skin and soak in the bath for 20 minutes.

10. Detox Botanical Bathing Infusion by Elemental Herbology

Ideally, this should be used as a bath oil, but most users experience better results when they apply it to their bodies before showering. The two main ingredients –juniper and grapefruit extracts –help in stimulating circulation and reducing fluid retention.

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11. Giovanni-Frizz be gone

The Giovanni is a perfect hair styling natural beuaty product that is purely made from natural ingredients. It might look squeaky clean, but if you apply a generous coat of this cleverly formulated serum on damp hair, you will restore the glow and shine of your hair while eliminating frizz and humidity. The best part about this serum is that it comes to a wide range of fragrances.

12. May Lindstrom The Honey Mud

I know a few people who are obsessed with The Honey Mud, and rightfully so; it’s a great mask that also acts as an effective cleanser. The cream contains white clay and honey that nourishes and detoxifies your skin in a matter of hours. It cleans impurities out of your skin without the typical tight clay feeling that comes with other products. Due to healing, calming and soothing effect, the product is highly recommended for people with sensitive skins that are prone to redness.

13. La Bella Figura Bio Active Healing Mask

La Bella Figura healing mask is predominantly made of Manuka honey which gives it the therapeutic properties. It has been shown to effective work on more mature skin and those that need help with skin cell damage repair and balancing. So if you need to balance, moisturize and add some nutrition to your skin, then the La Bella Figura Bio Active Healing Mask will definitely come in handy.

14. Kosas lip colors

This natural beauty product gloriously combines beauty, art and science to create natural lip colors with smooth finishes. It contains grape seed, green tea, and rosehip oil that work together to nourish your lips and protect them from UV rays. The product is made by hand and comes in colors that not only look amazing but keeps your lips moisturized.

15. Korres Golden KRoCus Ageless Saffron Elixir Serum

This golden antioxidant serum is infused with saffron, which was once known as the world’s most expensive spice. To put this in perspective, it takes 70,000 flowers to make one pound of saffron, and they only bloom once per year! The combined effect of saffron, peptides, copper and amino acids is great for elastin and collagen boost and leaves your skin fresh and glowing

16. Macrovita Olive & Argan Eye Cream

This ingenious cream wards off fine lines with the help of anti-aging plant oils, vitamin E, peptides, and moisturizers. You can use it both as a foundation and a primer depending which color and texture you choose.

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17. Mastic Spa Hair Treatment Shampoo

Mastic Spa Hair Treatment Shampoo is an excellent hair product that contains mastic, an aromatic resin derived from a Greek tree that only grows in the south of the Chios Island. It has been used medicinally in hair loss and skin care remedies for ages. The combination of mastic, wheat and milk proteins moisturizes and makes your hair feel thicker and fuller.

18. Shahnaz Husain Moisturizing Cream

This is a pretty flexible moisturizer as it works with all types of skins. Its ingredients are easily absorbed by the skin to offer maximum protection and nourishment. The natural herbal formula is enriched with honey, dates, and rose water to provide a maximum moisturizing effect, hasten the healing process, soften your skin and give you the much-needed skin protection.

19. Chicken Poop Lip Junk

An all natural lip moisturizer is made from high quality, recognizable ingredients and packaged with high contrast labeling in a standard .15 oz. tube. Don't worry- it contains NO POOP!!!

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20. Lotus Herbals Nutranite Skin Renewal Nutritive Night Cream

Nutranite is a high-end cream full of effective natural ingredients, and its one of the most effective natural beauty products that will work hard to renew your skin at night while you sleep. This night cream works with your skin’s own replenishing and repair system to undo the damages caused by environmental exposure and dehydration during the day. Generally, it boosts your skin’s resilience, restores firmness and smoothes imperfections.

21. Cane Sugar and Tamarind Body Polisher

This gentle exfoliating body polish is designed to create buffed and smooth skin. It softens skin elasticity, nourishes, rejuvenates and firms the skin. The main ingredients include raw cane sugar, apricot, sweet almond extract oil, ashwangndha, beeswax, gokharu, and avocado oil.

22. Organic Harvest's Monsoon Sunscreen with SPF30

This is an excellent organic solution that guarantees safety and effectiveness when it comes to warding off those harmful UV radiations. It’s formulated using ECOCERT certified ingredients and includes ecogel, olive oil, and essential oils that protect your skin from humidity and UV rays.

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23. Rosebud Lip Balm with Organic Bees Wax

This is a deliciously smelling natural moisturizing balm with organic castor and almond oil. Other ingredients include cocoa butter and organic bee wax for intense moisturization and nourishment. This rich natural balm will leave your lips soft hydrated and replenished.

24. Lavanya Natural Plant Mask

The mask is designed to nourish, purify and deep cleanse your skin, and will leave your skin refreshed and glowing. It’s prescribed for treatment of blemishes and acnes and also comes with anti-microbial properties

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25. Instant Reveal Berry Scrub, by Herbalife

Instant Reveal Berry Scrub is an antioxidant-rich scrub that contains berry seeds for exfoliation. The scrub helps you to attain a smooth, soft skin. You will also love the fresh and fruity fragrance once you get your hands on this product.

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26. Shamanuti Activated Charcoal Cleanser

Use this product twice per week for serious deep cleansing. It doesn’t leave you with a tight feeling; rather, it makes you feel ultra-clean, refreshed and smell great. The price is pretty accessible too.

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27. Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser

Tata Harper cleanser has an excellent creamy consistency with some exfoliants that helps to really deep clean and refresh your skin. It has received numerous online reviews because it actually works.

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28. Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum

This Rejuvenating Serum is an all round performer for all types of skin. It’s a powerful penetrating moisturizer that vacuums all the impurities from your pores and leaves you refreshed than ever before.

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29. Skin Cream 01 by Dr Jackson

Stories are told that it took over 17 years for Simon Jackson to research and perfect his line of skin care beauty products. Well, we can say the wait was worthwhile, especially with the Skin Cream 01. The consistently creamy formulation is fabulous at fading skin pigmentation and dark spots in all types of skins.

30. Echium & Argan Gentle Eye Cream by Pai Skincare

If you happen to have a sensitive skin, you will appreciate this gentle eye cream. It gets rid of fine lines and dark circles around your eyes without any itchiness or irritation. The best part is that you only need a small amount for each application, and so one tube will take you a long way.

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31. Brightening Corrective Concentrate by Amala

This serum combats dark spots and pigmentation, two of the most stubborn aging signs. Ingredients include redcurrant and butterfly bush that provides antioxidant benefits while the algae and Narcissus extract slow down melanin production.

32. Doctor's Scrub by Goldfaden MD

This exfoliating scrub is made from finely crushed ruby crystals that gently remove dirt and dead skin without living your skin irritated or causing redness. Most users comment that this fine scrubber should be in every woman’s bathroom cabinet.

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33. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil

Kiehl’s has been known for using the finest naturally derived ingredients for over 165 years, and have earned a well-deserved reputation for natural skin care. The Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil uses lavender oil and omega-rich evening primrose oil to formulate a luxurious cleansing product. It swiftly and efficiently removes makeup and dirt while hydrating your skin. The product smells amazing too.

34. Juice Beauty Enriching Face Oil

The reason we included this product is that so much work has been done into researching and sourcing all-natural ingredients that are not only organic but also edible. It’s essentially vitamin E-enriched face oil that works to restore damaged epidermal cells and rejuvenate your skin from sunburns, inflammations, and aging signs.

35. Un Cover-Up Concealer by RMS Beauty

The Un Cover-Up Concealer was developed a renowned make-up artist Rose-Marie swift. It promotes a natural rosy glow and is great at fading stretch marks, pigmentation, dark circles and blemishes without any heaviness sensation.

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Bottom line

We hope our list of the highly recommended natural beauty products met most of your makeup and general beauty needs. We are confident that the above ingredients are natural and safe enough for even the most sensitive skins. However, before you use any beauty product labeled “natural” and “organic”, be sure to go through the list of the ingredients to verify this. There are a few manufacturers that label their products as “green” and “natural” but still contain lots of conventional chemicals.


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