When it comes to versatile makeup products, pigments are definitely one of the best. Moreover, you have a wide range of options in which you can integrate makeup pigments into your overall look. Pigments are the leaders of makeup powders. For this reason and many others, we wanted to share with you the best ways in which you can use these products.

What Are Makeup Pigments?

Makeup pigments are fine loose powder. They are also the main element of every eyeshadow. Usually, they are mixed with a binder to keep the entire product pressed into a pan. Moreover, this binder makes the pigment’s color to fade away a little bit. Although most pigments are shimmery, some of them can also be matte.

5 Ways to Use Makeup Pigments

a woman with eye shadow makeup

1. Makeup Pigments for the Eyes

If you want to look great in a short amount of time, you should apply some pigment to your lower lids. It is quick, and it will give you’re a glamorous look. The eyes are probably the best area of your face where you really get to experiment and play with makeup pigments. Basically, there aren’t any rules, whatsoever. Use bold shades such as corals, iridescent, brown, and blues. If you add more than one color, make sure to blend all the elements together.

2. Cheeky Cheeks

Makeup pigments work miracles when it comes to blushing and contouring. Use a small fan brush to apply the pigments on your face. For better results, you should mix them with a concealer but make sure to pick one that has a lightweight sensation on your skin. If you put pigments on your face’s high planes, it will illuminate your entire appearance. Use matte browns to shade your cheekbones. This will give you instant glow and dimension.

3. Shimmery Lips

You can create a customized lip color by blending your regular lip gloss with makeup pigments. Combine a clear lip gloss with your favorite pigment and mix them well until you obtain a paste consistency. Use a small brush to apply this mixture on your lips. Pigments are multipurpose products. Therefore, you can also use them to tone down a bright-colored lipstick. If you add a little shimmer, it will make your lips look fuller and pumped up.

4. Eyeliner Pigments

When you need custom eyeliner shades, you must use pigments which work great to make your eyes stand out in the crowd. All you have to do is foil the pigments and then apply eyeliner on your lids as you usually do. To obtain an intense metallic appearance, you can apply the pigments all over your eyelids.

5. Hair & Nails

There are endless possibilities when it comes to makeup pigments. They are not just for makeup purposes. With pigments, you can embellish your nails or hair. Mix a small amount of pigment with your nail polish or one of your hair products. It will be fun, and you will be pleased with the sparkly results.

Let’s Recap

There you have it! All the above ways to use makeup pigments are fun, creative, and they will make you look glamorous. As you were able to discover in our post, pigments are multipurpose products. So, you can use them not only for your eyes area but also for your lips, cheeks, nails, and hair. Let your imagination flow and try several pigment shades to see which one suits you best.

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