Korean beauty trends have taken the entire beauty industry by surprise. And from what it seems, it’s here to stay. Let’s have a look at the latest Korean beauty trends that are impressing everyone in 2017.

Korean Beauty Trends Not to Miss This Year

1. Face Dunking (Jamsu)

Face dunking consists of applying foundation and concealer, then using baby powder heavily on your face. Next, you should plunge your face in cold water. Dab off the water and then go on with your makeup. Theoretically, your makeup will be set for the entire day. Moreover, your pores will have a smooth and matte aspect, while the skin will be oil- and water-resistant.

2. 10-Step Hair Routine

Besides the 10-step skincare routine (which we all respect… or not!), another one of the Korean beauty trends claims that you have to set a 10-step scalp care one as well. This consists in:

  • Scalp Exfoliation;
  • Massage;
  • Shampoo;
  • Conditioner;
  • Hair Mask;
  • Vinegar for Rinsing;
  • Scalp Serum;
  • Hair Serum;
  • Hair Mist;
  • Treatment Left Overnight.

3. Filter Creams

These are some of the hottest beauty products in 2017. In theory, they should have the effect of an Instagram face blur on your skin. Apparently, they reduce the aspect of the pores while also cutting down on the shine and sebum. Apply it either over or under the makeup, whenever you need it.

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4. Carbonated Cleansing

This is not such a new practice, but it only became a trend in the recent months. After cleansing your face, hold it in a bowl with carbonated water for 10 seconds. The fizzy water should manually clear the debris found in your pores. The minerals there are also great for your skin. Supposedly, the bubbles add some more oxygen to the skin, leaving a super hydrated aspect behind.

5. Ombre Lips

Even though in some areas the ombre lip trend didn’t catch that much, in Korea it’s very appreciated. There is even a two-tone lip color that helps you get gradient lips with only one product.

6. Using Snails

We know, it’s not the most appealing thing in the world. However, snail slime contains important quantities of hyaluronic acid, copper peptide, as well as glycoprotein enzymes. Through them, it can help protect and repair your skin, combating bacteria. Still, you don’t need to walk a snail on your face to enjoy its properties. Simply buy a cream that contains this substance from the store.

7. Eggs

It seems that eggs are among the most popular Korean beauty trends this year. They contain plenty of amino acids, as well as nutrients that nourish your skin. The best part is the egg white, together with the thin membrane of the shell.


Korean beauty trends seem to take care of every aspect you need help with. From eggs to snails or sparkling water for your face, they have everything figured out. Whether you choose to follow them or not, they are definitely taking the beauty industry by surprise this year.

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