To create that perfect winged liner look can be a struggle. What usually happens is that you are trying to match their length and width perfectly and end up looking like a cute panda instead. So, because most of us don’t probably want to show up to an event looking like one, no matter how lovable they are, it’s crucial to learn how to correctly apply that liquid eyeliner. Applying it is actually one of the most important basics of makeup. Usually, most women go for that iconic and elegant winged eyeliner look. So, because mastering this technique can be extremely difficult, we’ve created a guide on how to apply liquid eyeliner for beginners, complete with three tutorials from some of YouTube’s most famous beauty gurus.

So, what do you need to create the perfect winged eyeliner? The list is short and it includes items that can be found everywhere.

·         Liquid eyeliner

·         Eyelid primer

·         Concealer

·         Setting powder

Now that you know what you need to have in order to master the art of using liquid eyeliner, it’s time to begin our guide. Enjoy!

The secrets of liquid eyeliner

The liquid eyeliner is the best alternative when you want to create a precise wing. You can choose from the classic one that comes in a small bottle with that fine applicator. Or, if you are a beginner, you may want to choose the marker type pen which has a felt tip. No matter what you choose, the steps are the same. YouTuber Michelle Phan is an expert at doing her eyeliner so here’s a tutorial from her.

1.      The perfect base

Before doing anything else you want to apply a good eye primer on your lids, under your eyes and around your eye area. This creates that perfect and smooth canvas for you to being painting on. Apart from making makeup easier to apply, it also makes it last for much longer.

2.      Conceal!

The next step is to apply a small amount of concealer on your eyelids and under your eyes. Blend it very well and finally, apply a small amount of setting powder. You eye are now ready to be lined!

3.      Draw the line

You will first need to draw a fine line right above your lash line, as close as possible. To make things easier, use small strokes and don’t draw the line in one move. Once you’re done, move to the other eye and try to make the lines as symmetrical as possible. It can be very hard, but practice makes perfect! Jennifer Chiu has an excellent eyeliner tutorial on her YouTube channel that you can watch below.

4.      The wing

The last step is to try and draw that iconic wing at the end of your eye. The idea is to follow the line of your lower lash line. That will provide you with the best angle for your wing. Draw the outline of the wing and then carefully fill it in. That’s it! You are now mastering the art of applying liquid eyeliner! If you still feel insecure, you may want to rest your elbow on a table while doing the line and wing. This will cancel any shaking motions your hand might have. Here is another tutorial that you might find very useful from Melrae Segal.

Wrapping it all up

So, what did you think about our guide on how to apply liquid eyeliner for beginners? Did it help you? Do you now feel better at applying it than before? Let us know down below!

Image source: wikimedia