That incredible wet hair look is one of the most stylish trends right now. Unfortunately, if some of the impressive trends made famous by celebrities are not for anyone, this particular one can be easily adopted and incorporated into a glamorous look. And not only wet look hairstyles, but also those sliced back ponytails are everywhere you look on the red carpets right now. So, because of this, we have decided to offer you some tips and tricks on how to get the wet hair look. For this, we decided to draw some inspiration from some of YouTube’s best beauty gurus and look for them to teach us how to achieve this beautiful look.

So, how can normal people replicate this wet hair look without looking too greasy or well, too wet? It’s important to note that some of the most well-known instructions for the wet hair look are completely wrong, as it turns out. At least according to famous hairstylist Kristin Ess. You don’t need gel or tons of hairspray to achieve this look. You also don’t need incredibly straight hair, as the wet hair look can be done on all types of hair. Also, in order to offer you an even more detailed explanation, we will present you three useful tutorials that will surely offer you the inspiration you need.

The secrets of the wet hair look

Ess says that whoever told you to use tons of gel for this look lied to you. According to her, the secret is pomade. It’s amazing because it slicks your hair down beautifully and doesn’t leave that crunch. Apart from this, it’s extremely easy to wash out of your hair once the evening is done. You can use it on both the classic wet hair look and on sliced back ponytails.

Also, if you use pomade you can also do this hairstyle on curly hair without any issue. You simply need to section your hair and with a brush with pomade, paint over every section until everything is in place. Pomade also straightens the curls as you paint over them, making that look sleek and pretty.

When it comes to that long hair, classic, Baywatch-inspired wet look, Ess says to only use pomade on the roots. So, simply rub some pomade on the roots with your fingers and then take a comb with fine teeth. Comb the hair back and leave the ends untouched by the pomade. It’s important for your hair to still move as you walk because it’s not made of plastic.

It’s worth mentioning that it can take some time to achieve the perfect wet hair look, especially if your hair is thick and voluminous. But don’t worry, as long as you have patience and a good brush, it can be easily done.

Summing it all up

Finally, this look can totally add coolness points to you, if you are brave enough to wear it. You don’t have to be a model or an actress to rock this look. And the best part? If you don’t like it, you can easily wash it away. So, what did you think about those expert tips on how to get the wet hair look? Did the tutorials make things easier for you? Let us know down below!

Image source: pixabay