You may have heard about the new trend of drinking the so-called detox water. And it’s actually great and it works brilliantly because the main rule of losing weight is to drink lots of water. The past two years have seen an increase in the people’s awareness that they really need to drink more water. This is how this combination of water and zero-calorie foods came to be. But what precisely is detox water? Well, it seems that this combination eliminates the toxins out of your body a lot quicker than normal water does. Because we know the struggle of trying to get rid of some excess pounds, we have prepared a list of some detox water for weight loss recipes that you can try at home and enjoy.

The main idea is very simple. Take some water and some healthy fruit and vegetables and throw them in there. Detox waters are a nice alternative because they also provide a bit of flavor with the hydration, in comparison with plain water that can get boring quickly. Some recipes are delicious and apart form making you lose some weight, they are pleasant and not boring at all because you can always change your recipes. So, are you curious about some of those? Here we go!

1.      Watermelon detox water

This is probably the tastiest and most popular detox water recipe out there. Watermelon is amazing because it contains an antioxidant called lycopene. This helps decrease inflammation and the other amino acids in watermelon help with blood flow. Combine watermelon slices or cubes with water and some ice and voila! The best refreshing dink that you can have! And the healthiest too!

2.      Cucumber, grapefruit and lemon detox water

The ideal ingredient to add in detox waters is cucumber. It has amazing diuretic properties which will help you get rid of any extra moisture in your body quickly. The grapefruit is there for its fat-burning enzymes and for its bittersweet taste. You can add some lime or lemon slices in there for an extra sourness and citrus flavor. The secret ingredient? Mint leaves! You can throw them in there too if you have stomach aches, but this detox water works great without them too.

3.      Raspberry, mint and lime detox water

The raspberry and mint combination is not only one of the tastiest, but also the healthiest out there. The mint helps with relieving stress and the raspberry has cleaning properties. The flavor is amazing with a little bit of lime too. This detox water will help you lose weight and improve your digestion. It’s simply one of the best recipes of detox water that exist!

4.      Berries and lemon detox water

Remember that berry lemonade? One of the best drinks in the world! Unfortunately, it’s full of sugar, which we must avoid if we want to lose weight. So, another very good detox water recipe is to add all kinds of berries in the water, and some lemon slices. You will get an amazing taste, similar with that of the berry lemonade, minus the sugar. Sounds nice, right?

In conclusion

So, what did you think about our list of detox water for weight loss recipes? Do they sound tasty? Will you try them? Write your opinions down below!

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