Hair trends are more and more complex nowadays. They have evolved a lot, and they are more specialized than before. Once the weather turns cold, we start taking better care of our skin, putting the shorts away, and wearing sweaters and other warm clothes. So, why not do a hair makeover as well? The following winter hair colors are the hottest trends this year. We have listed and detailed them to help you find some inspiration.

Top 6 Winter Hair Colors to Consider

young smiling girl with blonde hair

#1. Natural Hair Hues

Lesley Calderon, a hairstylist, states that it is time to say goodbye to bright colors such as hot pink or dark green. This winter is all about natural hair shades, created with natural protective hair products. Artificial-looking colors are so last year. The new hot trend is represented by natural hues, which give your locks a healthier appearance.

#2. Statement Highlights

Although bright and bold colors are not trendy anymore, you can still use them. But instead of applying them all over your strands, you should only create some fabulous highlights to give that extra zing to your entire look. Calderon says that statements hues, as well as statement parts such as modern braids, are a big deal this winter.

#3. Chocolate Copper Hair Color

According to Simply Organic Beauty experts, another great hair color trend is given by chocolate copper hues. It combines rich brown tones and copper ribbons as well as soft glints of violet. This is a great choice for brunettes who are trying to embrace warmer tones to contrast with the cold weather.

#4. Platinum Ice

Allure’s hair experts state that platinum ice is definitely one of the hottest color trends of this winter season. It goes perfectly with a short bob like the one worn by Jennifer Lawrence. Winter is ruled by this ski-bunny blonde. Lorri Goddard, from Goddard + Bragg salon, says that even though this is a high-maintenance hair color, it is a glamorous one that can help you overcome the winter blues.

#5. Soft Ginger

This is one of the best winter hair colors to try this season. If you want to look like Emma Stone, you should apply this red cool weather classic hair shade. It creates a nice look, bringing light and warmth to your entire face. It goes great with pale skin. Kyle White, Oscar Blandi salon’s lead colorist, says that you should find the right balance between rich brown and golden copper. This hair color matches white sweaters and…obviously, snow.

#6. Bronde

Have you seen this color on Eva Longoria? She looks amazing with this not-really-blonde but not-really-brown-either hair shade. According to Ramirez Tran salon co-owner and colorist, Johnny Ramirez, this is a combination of winter hair colors that works great all year round. In wintertime, this hue stands out in the crowd, adding depth and fullness to your locks.

Wrapping It Up

The official winter hair colors were already chosen by colorists and experts. Trends are already here so make sure you adjust your hair shade accordingly. All the above hues are great for this winter season, and they match warm clothes and snowy streets. As you can see, there is a full spectrum of colors to choose from, so go ahead and get creative.

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