For adults, haircuts can be a real treat. As long as salons are professional, not much can go wrong. Children don’t really see it that way. Anyone who’s ever had to make a kid sit still for more than a couple of minutes knows it. it’s not their fault, kids are supposed to run around and play. So, when it’s time to go get a haircut, you need to go to a kids hair salon, and ask some experts for help. If you’re in New York, these are some of those experts.

Kiddy Kutz

Kiddy Kutz is one special kids hair salon. They really know to take care of their little customers. So you can sit back and relax, and not worry about a thing. A trip to Kiddy Kutz is going to be a treat not just for your tot, but yourself as well. And if you feel like a 30 minute haircut is not enough time to get some rest, they also organize birthday parties. Imagine being able to join in on the festivities, without having to worry about a thing!

Keeping your kids distracted can only help so much when you’re getting them a haircut. Doodle Doo’s staff is awesomely efficient, so your kids won’t even have time to get bored. They can choose a movie to watch, and get all sorts of neat perks and distractions. Honestly, it might be difficult to get them out of their seats. And the customer service is fantastic!

Edamama Cute Cuts and More

Edemama Cute Cuts and More offers the wonderfully professional service you’d expect form a kids hair salon. Their staff is great with kids, and they do everything they can to make your tots haircut a pleasant and fun experience. Edamama’s is not just about cutting hair. The salon has an incredibly laid back, homey feel to it. They have a large selection of kids books and movies to keep your little guys entertained. And the staff takes care to ensure that you’re entertained as well while you wait. Plus, they have a really yummy selection of sweet and treat for kids and grown-ups alike.

Milk and Cookies Kids Hair Salon and Spa

This is not just your average kids salon. The Milk and Cookies Kids Salon and Spa offers the complete pampering package. Though they’re very good with children, and know exactly how to handle them, the services their offer are not just kiddie stuff. Not only are your little princes and princesses not going to fuss over the haircut, but they’re actually going to love all of the attention. A trip to the Milk and Cookies Kids Salon and Spa can be a really sweet birthday gift for your children. Plus, the milk and cookies are not just a cute gimmick. They’re real, and they’re awesome!

Rockin’ Locks Hair Salon for Kids

The name is not the only thing that’s charming about the Rockin’ Locks Hair Salon. What sets them apart is the really nice atmosphere. Kids are treated like royalty, and staff make sure to satisfy their every whim. There’s no such thing as a fussy kid at the Rockin’ Locks Hair Salon.

It may take a while for your children to get used to the atmosphere of a hair salon. But with these options at hand, getting a fresh haircut is going to become more like a pastime activity, rather than a chore.

Image Source: Pixabay