There’s nothing better than being in a rush and having something practical at your disposal to quick get rid of a frustrating problem. In this case, the best dry shampoo brands can even tempt you into nearly considering ditching normal shampoos altogether (don’t do that, though). What are the best kinds of dry shampoo, you ask? It’s time to answer this question.

4 Best Dry Shampoo Options

#1 Living Proof Dry Shampoo

There are testimonies about the greatness of Living Proof left and right and, strangely so, they all praise the product for doing exactly what it claims it does. Is it really that hard to find a dry shampoo that effectively cleans and doesn’t leave powdery residues? Apparently, it is. Karen of makeupandbeautyblog gushed about Living Proof in her review, proclaiming it a “holy grail.”

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#2 Suave Dry Shampoo

What do you mean this dry shampoo is only $5?! Suave’s product proves that price doesn’t necessarily dictate quality. It would be easy to claim that Suave is the budget version of professional products, but it’s so much more than that. You barely compromise anything – this dry shampoo delivers on all of its promises.

  1. of nouveaucheap wrote eons ago about why Suave is such an excellent pick: “For the price, I think it delivers on all of its promises. I get no white cast on my hair when I use this, it absorbs the oils in my hair, it’s easy to use, it smells insanely delicious and it also imparts added shine, volume and texture to my hair.” ( Source. )

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#3 Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo

Although costly, many users would argue that it’s totally worth it. After all, in a sense, it serves a double purpose: that of a dry shampoo and a perfume as well. Why do we say that? The scent is simply enough to woo you, that’s why. Various opinions and reviews scattered across the Internet concluded that it’s a lasting option which leaves your hair with a glamorous volume.

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#4 Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo

Whether you need a handbag pick or something more sizeable for your home use, Batiste’s cherry-scented dry shampoo caters to both of these needs. It’s a practical product packaged in an adorable can and it’s a perfect match for anyone who looks into pleasantness factor as much as into efficiency. On Brutally Honest Beauty’s review, we found a consistent list of pros with the only con being that you might want to steer clear of this dry shampoo if the strong scent of cherry isn’t your cup of tea.

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Wrapping Up

These were our picks for the best dry shampoo. They smell differently, they come with different prices, but what they all have in common is the promise to deliver on what their intended purpose is. All that you need to do now is to try them, all of them for the best coverage. Then, stick from now on with the one that really caters to your needs.