With each year, new YouTube beauty vloggers and YouTubers, in general, seem to appear, hoping to make it big in this continuously growing industry. But reality is harsh and not everyone is really worth following and watching. This is why, for this article, we have decided to help you find some incredible, extra-talented, up-and-coming YouTube beauty vloggers that you should indeed add to your old list of already famous beauty gurus. And if you watched those on your old list religiously, trust us, you will go crazy about these young talents.

When it comes to beauty, these people cover a wide area of topics. If you want makeup tutorials with the best and newest products, they will provide you with that. If you want honest, uncensored, and real reviews, they have that too. Some of them do vlogging too, so their subscribers can see them as they are; real, honest, with their friends and families, doing normal things that we all do. So, here is our list of some of the best fresh YouTube beauty vloggers that you should follow as soon as possible. Enjoy!

1.  Raw Beauty Kristi

That “raw” in her name is not at all coincidental. Kristi is the type of beauty vlogger that only tells the real truth. Apart from being absolutely hilarious in all of her videos, she is also a brutally honest reviewer that you want to watch before deciding to buy a product. And while she may sometimes put up her reviews a little later than the beauty vlogger YouTube community, that is because she actually tests those products. She uses them for days and creates an opinion based on how she felt about them. When her videos are finally up, the waiting is always worth it.

2.  Too Much Mouth

Too Much Mouth, or Shanygne Maurice, is one of those beauty gurus that knows what they are doing. She knows exactly what every product she uses does and offers precious details about them. She is known for doing some thorough and amazing first impression videos as well as for making some very fun makeup tutorials on her channel. Definitely, one to watch!

3.  Thomas Halbert

If you want honesty to combine with fun and useful tutorials, Thomas Halbert is who you should subscribe to. He is sassy, talented, makes some incredible makeup tutorials, and is not afraid to speak up about the lack of diversity in the beauty community. Thomas is the kind of person that when he gets huge, you will be able to say that you knew him from the beginning proudly.

4. ByJeannine

Jeanine is one of those YouTube beauty vloggers that usually go full glam and makes you jealous. However, she’s got such a lovely personality that it’s impossible to not love her. Her tutorials are some of the best on YouTube and an excellent inspiration when it comes to learning new things about makeup. Definitely, one to watch!

Summing it all up

So, what did you think about our list of YouTube beauty vloggers that you should definitely be following in 2018? Did you know about them? Tell us your opinion about them in the comment section down below!


Image source: flickr