You have to make little adjustments for all things in life. The same goes for maintaining your hair extensions, if you want them to trouble you less and make you look like a celeb shining brightly when in outdoors, you may want to check out these tips.

Here we have summed up a guide to list down the daily core activities (the things you do every other normal day) of life that impact the quality and lifespan of your hair extension that directly or indirectly influences your other day to day activities.  Your habits hit your hair extension, and it hits back to your lifestyle. All this could easily be managed if you follow the right lifestyle based upon below activities:


The Bed Time

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It’s not recommended that you go off to bed with your hair extension on. The unintentional rollovers and the things you do while sleeping ruin the components of hair extensions and tangle them. However, if you desire to, we recommend you place a silk (satin) pillow under your head!

You can also tie a ponytail of your hair extension to 1 or 2 knots. A unicorn ponytail is by far the best option and the most effective at preserving the strands of your extension. Just remember that before you go to sleep, gently flip your head and comb your hair to the extent that they go above your ears and tie them with a clip.


Sex Intimacies

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While having a good time with your spouse, make sure that you tie your hair above the pillow. You may tie a puff behind your back for utmost convenience. It’s because if you get a bit excited, your hair extension would stretch out behind your back and get stuck underneath it causing extreme tangles that would be a headache to simplify.


Sun Exposure – It keeps chasing you!

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During your sunny outdoors, the hair extensions become dull and dry. This is caused by all that sweat which gathers around your neck and shoulders. And yet dryness is the worst enemy to hair extensions. You may tie a knot or prefer wearing a hat or something to keep your hair extensions safe from sweat during your workout (even if it’s not a sunny day).

Swimming. Who doesn’t do that?

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The chlorine and saltwater combo hits really hard to your hair extensions. Both the elements are A NO GO for them. But still, if you can’t resist swimming with your hair extension on, massage a smoothing coconut oil (regardless of the brand) all over your hair scalp and ends to create an added layer of protection against chlorine and salt water.

We also recommend that you:

  • Don’t comb your hair before they dry completely;
  • Rinse your hair extension firmly after a short dive;
  • Massage the ends of your hair extension with a soothing conditioner.

Happy living folks! We do await your thoughts and suggestions as to how you manage your lifestyle habits for up-keeping the same good charm of your hair extensions as if they were newly bought!


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