Being on a diet is hard. We all know that. With a frothy, foamy, creamy, caramel Frappuccino and a sweet and decadent cinnamon delight at every corner, trying to keep your pounds down by keeping up a diet is no easy task. But you know what’s even harder than that? Knowing what you are allowed to eat and what’s off limits. So, is cottage cheese ok or not? Are raisins good or do they have too much sugar? Who can tell? We can. Here are top 5 worst foods to eat on a diet and why.

worst foods to eat on a diet

1. Frosting

No, no, no! Put the can down! Now! It tastes terrific; we are aware of that. But do you know what’s inside a can of store-bought frosting? Trans fats and sugar. Yup, that’s all it contains. Both of which are highly fattening. Apart from that, it also has food coloring and preservatives that are not healthy at all for you.

2. Soda

But you knew this one already. Right? Soda needs to go from your diet altogether, not just when you’re trying to lose weight. All there is to it is water with about ten packets of sugar added to it, colorants, preservatives, flavorings, and no natural additives whatsoever. Why would you put that in your body?

3. Maraschino Cherries

We bet you never even thought about these, did you? However, it’s the little things that matter when you’re on a diet because they cause you to keep on adding weight without knowing the cause. Maraschino cherries are loaded up with sugar, have artificial red coloring, and absolutely no nutritional value. They are truly one of the worst foods to eat on a diet. A fresh cherry is a lot better.

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4. Complicated Coffee Drinks

Yes, it’s very cool to stay on trend and drink the latest Frappuccino, Unicorn Latte, Blue Latte from Brooklyn, and pumpkin spiced-everything that the most famous coffee shops put out. We get it. They’re delicious. However, once you start adding sugar to sweeten the drink, syrup to make it taste like pumpkin, cinnamon, almond, and so on, cream, whipped cream, drizzles on top to give it extra colors, which are basically sugar with food colorings, one cup of that coffee equals three pieces of cake.

Yes, you read that right. It’s like having three pieces of cake at once for breakfast or on a coffee break. It’s the same number of calories. Do you want to know about the sugar? This kind of coffee has five times more sugar than a slice of cake. Yikes!

5. Beer

We’re sorry to have to report this, but a beer is highly fattening too. However, there is a silver lining to this dark cloud, in the sense that not every type of alcohol is forbidden. There are studies which show that wine, for example, can actually help you lose weight and stay healthy if you drink it in moderation. Still, beer is the one to avoid.

I know that giving up food on a diet can be far from easy. But we hope that this article can encourage you to give some of these unhealthy foods up so that you can walk in a much healthier lifestyle. Feel free to leave encouragement for others in the comments below!

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