There are cases in which your dentist will recommend removing one or more of your wisdom teeth. Don’t freak out! For them is a simple procedure, even though it is harder to reach to wisdom teeth, being places in the back of your mouth. Sometimes, these third pairs of molars can affect your overall oral health, in which case the smartest thing to do is to have them removed. Here are some common dos and don’ts that can boost your wisdom teeth recovery.

7 Dos and Don’ts for Better Wisdom Teeth Recovery

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After a wisdom tooth removal, it is important to follow some simple rules, in order to shorten your oral health’s recovery period. Prevention is key, but aftercare is also critical.

  • Keep your head elevated. You should keep your head up for about three days. I know you cannot stay like that during nights, so use a lot of pillows. In other words, your upper body must form a 45-degree angle. It is important to follow this guideline because it will control blood circulation near the wound.
  • Put some ice on your cheek. If you don’t want to place the ice cubes or package directly on your skin, a better thing to do is to wrap them in a fine cloth and then place it on your cheek that’s closest to the extraction place.
  • Massage your jaw on both sides. To do that, put your fingers on each ear’s opening and gently massage this area. During the medical procedure, you were required to keep your mouth wide open. This can lead to different symptoms such as cramped muscles or myofascial pain.
  • Drink [easyazon_link identifier=”B000LL0R8I” locale=”US” tag=”beautifu0f2-20″]coconut water[/easyazon_link]. It is great for stabilizing blood chemistry. Keeps your body’s sugar level stable, especially when you can’t eat solid foods yet. It speeds up your recovery.


There are also some don’ts that you should avoid doing during your wisdom teeth recovery period.

  • Avoid applying heat to the wound or near it. This means you should not wash your face with hot water. Also, don’t apply warm sources on your cheeks.
  • Never let your mouth become dry. If you let your mouth dry, the wound might not recover as quick as normal. Therefore, you should take care of this aspect. Don’t worry if you usually breathe through your mouth at nights. You can use something called an oral cavity moisturizer. Ask your dentist for more details, if necessary.
  • Avoid using straws. Don’t use a straw to drink a beverage during your wisdom teeth recovery period. This creates a suction effect which might damage the tooth’s clotting. If you use a straw, chances are your wound will not stop bleeding that easily.

Final Words

Sometimes, a wisdom tooth removal is necessary. Your doctor will answer all your questions related to it as well as those linked to the aftercare period. However, we wanted to offer you some useful insights about what you should and shouldn’t do during your wisdom teeth recovery period. I hope all of the above recommendations will come in handy!

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