Weak and splitting nails usually occur because of poor diet and care. However, getting your hands and nails strong and healthy won’t be easy. To achieve this, you’ll need to use specialized products, revise your manicure habits, and add some nutrients to your diet. The good news is that you can replace many expensive treatments with homemade remedies.

Before you start your splitting nails treatment plan, be aware that this might be a symptom of some serious health issues, as states UPMC Health Beat. Therefore if regular cosmetic treatments do not help, be sure to consult your doctor and determine the exact cause of the problem.

4 Affordable Tips for Weak and Splitting Nails Treatment

Massage Your Hands Every Day


Massaging your hands is not only pleasant and greatly relaxing, but this procedure improves blood flow, which speeds up the flow of nutrients to your cells. Sometimes, this alone might be enough to significantly improve the condition of your nails and skin as poor blood flow in the hands is one of the common causes of such issues.

Note that regular massage also helps reduce pains caused by arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. This simple treatment should also be included in your plan for preventing these conditions.

When You Buy, Focus On Quality

While it’s possible to make some homemade weak and splitting nails treatments, there are some products you’ll definitely have to buy. This includes all professional manicure tools and all those stylish and beautiful nail polish colors.

Plan your purchases in advance as it’s essential to use high-quality products that don’t contain any dangerous and potentially toxic elements. This will reduce the damage that the manicure does to your nails and thus help you keep them strong.

Luckily, manicure and hand care products are very economical, so anything you buy will last for a long time. Plan your shopping for traditional discount periods and don’t miss any good special offers to be stocked up on the best products without spending a fortune.

Eat Your Biotin

Biotin, or vitamin B7, is essential for the health of your nails. Medical News Today reports that a reduction in splitting and an increase in nail thickness are among the proven benefits of biotin. That’s why this nutrient is a must-have for all top-range beauty supplements.

However, you don’t need to buy expensive pills that might not even contain the nutrients they claim on the label. Remember supplements aren’t regulated and therefore never 100% safe.

What is safe, however, is adding some biotin-rich foods to your diet. The best natural sources of this element are liver, egg yolks, salmon, and brewer’s yeast. Many nuts and seeds also contain large amounts of not only biotin but other B vitamins as well. They are very good for the health of your hair, skin, and nails in general.

Rub Coconut Oil Into Your Nails

Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer, so it’s good for you by default. It’s also a great addition to your weak and splitting nails treatment plan because it contains many antioxidants and essential nutrients. If your problems are caused by deficiencies and overuse of nail polish, such a nutrient-rich substance will help with fast restoration.

Use coconut oil during your massage or as a substitute for hand cream. Leave it for several minutes before removing the excess with a napkin.

I hope that these tips can help you to kick those weak and splitting nails to the curb! Share other pieces of advice with us in the comments below!


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