Most women can related to the struggle of losing weight. It takes a lot of hard work, such as staying away from deceptive ingredients, keeping your calorie intake at a healthy level and lots and lots of exercising. Therefore, it’s no surprise so many of us jump at the thought of something that promises to slim our waists in a few weeks with minimum effort.

So you’ve probably heard of the hype about waist training. Based on the concept of the 500-year-old corset, waist training has gained a lot of popularity among celebrities. However, do you really want to take your health tips from the likes of the Kardashian sisters? We recommend a very large grain of salt and thorough research before jumping on board with this new trend.

What Is Waist Training?

In the traditional sense, waist training used to refer to developing an idealistic hourglass shape with the help of steel boned corsets. Waist training corsets cinch your midsection tighter and tighter to reduce the circumference of your waist. While some women were relieved when the corset trend disappeared, others are seeking to reproduce the semi-permanent effect. Unfortunately, the waist trainer requires continued usage even after you have achieved the desired reduction.

The term ‘waist training’ has recently been redefined by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba. They use latex waist cinchers during workouts, which is often referred to as ‘waist taming.’ This adapted practice is supposed to cause less problems while offering the same benefits. Waist training these days is most likely a part of a woman’s fitness plan.

Is It Safe?

A most debated matter, the safety of waist trainers has avid adepts on both sides of the dilemma. On one hand, critics argue that wearing a corset – or a cincher – can be dangerous. Women have reported acid reflux, back pain, bruised ribs, and shallow breathing caused by the tight trainers. At the same time, experts seem to agree that forcing your body into such a tight enclosure could lead to shifting of internal organs.

Meanwhile, followers of the trend explain that all of these symptoms have been experienced by women who were taking the training to the extreme. If used with care, the latex trainers shouldn’t be more dangerous than wearing stiletto heels. Their original purpose, these people say, is to offer women a fashionable tool for emphasizing their classically feminine figure.

Warning: If your cincher causes you pain, or any of the symptoms mentioned above, loosen it or simply take it off. When used properly, a corset should feel like a tight yet comfortable hug.

Waist Training: The Truth

The ultimate question is should you try it? The answer is probably not. According to experts, the latex cincher doesn’t even work. Christopher Ochner, Ph.D. said that spot reducing is a myth. No-one can simply push the fat in their midsections into non-existence. If you compress your stomach, the fat will stay there no matter how long you continue wearing the corset. For a long-term weight-loss plan, doctors recommend you look elsewhere.

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