Nutritionist Dr. Barbara Rolls is the mind behind what is now known as the Volumetrics Diet. Her idea was to come up with a plan that would make people live a healthier life with the extra benefit of some weight loss. However, not many people are actually aware of what the Volumetrics Diet actually is. Well, it is based around a concept that says people should focus on the volume of the food they are eating every day. So, if you consume large volumes of low-calorie foods you will feel full and satisfied, as opposed of hungry and tired, like usual diets make you feel. So, in this article, we will provide the answer to the question: what is the Volumetrics Diet, and everything that you need to know about it.

This special diet is not actually meant to act like one. Instead, the idea is to make people change their lifestyle and diet towards a healthier one, while also losing some weight in the process. On this diet, you are allowed to eat lots of low-calorie foods like unlimited fruits and vegetables, as well as fish, chicken and turkey meat, beans, low-fat dairy products, and whole grains.

The Volumetrics Diet

Before you start this diet, it’s important to make a list of low-energy-density foods that you are allowed to eat. After that, you can go on and plan meals and snacks according to that. Generally, when you start the diet, you need to consume about 1,600 calories each day. It’s also recommended to keep track of your diet, exercise, and overall progress in a journal, apart from exercising for 30 minutes every day. It’s worth noting that the exercise does not have to be of high intensity. You can simply walk or do low-impact strength training.

The results

It’s crucial to be aware of the fact that the Volumetrics Diet involves changing your lifestyle and diet. So, it will not work like a regular, strict diet where you see results immediately. If you follow the plan accordingly and exercise, you should start losing one or two pounds a week. While this might not be too much, it’s the healthiest way of losing weight. And remember, this lost weight is highly unlikely to come back on your body, as opposed to when you’re losing too much at once.

Do not weigh yourself more than one time a week! After you have consistently lost weight over six weeks, you can then restart the plan to lose more if you want. It’s also important to come into this diet prepared. Also, with a lot of dedication to create your meals and snacks. When it comes to sweets, you can eat them as long as you don’t cheat your calorie count. In time, your body will learn that it doesn’t have to eat too much.

Wrapping it all up

So, have we provided a good enough answer to the question: what is the Volumetrics Diet? Are you willing to try it now that you know a lot more about it? We would like to hear your opinions so tell us what you think down below!

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