Does vintage mean old? Technically, yes. However, in fact, all fashionistas out there should know that vintage refers to more than just old clothes or hairstyles. It’s about going back and resurrecting those classic styles that should never go out of fashion. Call it retro if you want. Call it chic. But vintage is not old, is sexy and appealing. And apart from clothes, this also applies to vintage hairstyles. It is the essence of fashion, that it rises again and reinvents what was once fashionable, making it trendy once more. Today’s most popular trends, like the pixie cut, is not new at all. It has simply been reinvented in a new form to fit today’s standards. And because we know how difficult can sometimes be to style short hair, we have prepared a list of some amazing vintage hairstyles for short hair that will surely make you want to go a little bit retro.

Sure, those vintage hairstyles are usually more appropriate for special occasions, but if you have short hair you’re in luck. A boyish short do is perfect for any occasion and will put you in the spotlight for sure. But remember, it’s not the hairstyle, vintage or not, that makes you unique, is the way you carry it around. So, feeling bold today? Here is our list of some of the best vintage hairstyles for short hair. Enjoy!

The boyish pixie cut

Classic icons and modern muses, they have all worn at some point a short hair do. It simply proves how versatile and timeless this look is. Model Cara Delevingne was not the first to cut her hair extremely short, nor was actress Emma Watson. They simply ha the courage to reinvent what already existed for decades. The legendary Audrey Hepburn also wore this bold hairstyle at one point in her fabulous life. It’s very easy to style. You actually only need the courage to cut your hair that short. The rest is easy and depends on you, your attitude and class. Proof that a very tomboyish hairstyle can be elegant and sexy at the same time.

The iconic Marilyn Monroe hairstyle

Everybody knows Marilyn Monroe’s iconic hairstyle. Those bouncy icy blonde waves and that sexy red lip. This look is very easy to achieve and does not necessarily require blonde hair. You can use a curling wand for your medium-length hair, but we recommend that you go the classic way and use those big curlers. Leave them in your hair for a few hours, then get them off and use lots of hairspray to offer that bounce to your curls. Timeless, classic and probably the sexiest hairstyle of all times.

Retro wavy hair

Finally, another iconic retro hairstyle is that perfect wavy hair that so many women used to wear. It requires medium-length or even short hair, but it also works on longer hair. The waves are all that matters here. You can use a straightener for this but in order to make sure it will look good, we recommend asking a professional for help. The red lip and the cat eye complete this timeless look that is still wearable today.

Summing it all up

So, did we convince you that vintage doesn’t mean old? Will you try those vintage hairstyles for short hair in the future? For what occasion? Let us know down below!

Image source: pexels