Whether you are spending this Valentine’s Day with your significant other or going out to have fun with your Instagram-obsessed gang of independent girls, you need to rock some cool makeup. There is no question about this. Whether you prefer plump, romantic lips, a bold dark lip or a dark smoky eye with some glitter on top, you simply cannot go out looking like your ordinary, office-going self. Let’s spice things up a bit, shall we? As usually, we are here to help and offer you five sexy and romantic Valentine’s Day makeup ideas for you to try out.

1.       The Vampy, Goth Look

For this courageous look you will need to draw all the attention in the world on your lips. Let them stand out as the main attraction on your face! Use some dark, burgundy lipstick and a lipliner in the same color to accentuate those wonders. If you feel comfortable, you can try using a matte lipstick so that you can kiss away! As for the eyes, keep them natural with simply an eyeshadow base and a neutral eyeshadow color. Very important: DON’T forget to groom your brows but leave them natural. It will create a look to die for!

2.       Smoke with some mirrors too

This look is fairly simple if you love your smoky eye. However, there is a twist for those of you in need of something new. Give up on your inner corner highlight and instead put some glitter on it. Down with the sultry and up with the sexy! Complete your makeup look with a nude lip, preferably glossy, some carefully groomed brows and a fresh-face.

3.       The Purrfect cat-eye

Admit it ladies, sometimes you just need that winged liner to come out perfectly and you’re good to go. For Valentine’s day, this is mandatory! Arm yourself with your favorite black as night liquid eyeliner and begin your mission. Try to focus only on the eyeliner and leave the rest of your lid blank. Again, groom your brows and put one coat of dark mascara on your eyelashes. Finally, for the lips, choose a light pink shade of hydrating, glossy lipstick. Make those lips kissable but don’t forget to have some makeup wipes near. That lipstick will melt off your lips in an instant when the make- out session begins.

4.       Goddess Shine

Everybody needs one bit of shine here and there. Valentine’s Day offers the best occasion to finally put that highlighter on and sparkle baby! Do a smoky eye but this time use caramel-toned eyeshadow. Add some black liner on your waterline and two or three coats of mascara. If you’re comfortable, you can even put on fake eyelashes for a more intense look. Put that highlighter on and a thin layer of gloss on the lips and you’re ready to mesmerize.

5.       The Classic Red Lip

For those of you who may not feel confident enough to wear some crazy makeup looks for Valentine’s Day, there is always that classic red lip that never fails. You can choose between glossy or matte lipstick. It doesn’t even matter as long as that fiery color is there. A light makeup for the eyes is mandatory because it compliments the lips.

Wrapping it all up

Did these Valentine’s Day makeup ideas help you? What was your favorite one? Don’t hesitate to tell us!

Image source: pexels