Start using coconut oil for nails today if you want to see them growing healthy and beautiful. Many experts have been religiously using the oil for their manicures, so it’s a good time to start integrating it in your own routine. Continue reading to discover not only why you should start using coconut, but how you can do it as well.

3 Benefits of Using Coconut Oil for Nails

#1 Promotes Nail Growth

Nails grow healthier and stronger when you nourish them right. Moisturized nail beds and cuticles will lead to a lesser likelihood of your nails breaking and being overly-sensitive.

#2 Cuticle Health

Speaking of the aforementioned cuticles, they are an extremely important element in the health of your nails. If your cuticles are dry and flaky, they are likely to start failing at their job, which is protecting your nails from various external agents that can cause certain nail afflictions. Coconut oil is extremely nourishing and when massaged into your nail, it will keep your cuticles properly moisturized, letting them perform properly.

#3 Fungus Prevention

Fungus can affect any of our nails – unless you start using coconut oil, of course. Its antifungal properties are really powerful and regular use can keep this unpleasantness away.

There are also plenty other benefits which you can check out.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Your Nails

Basic Application

The most basic treatment involves coconut oil and nothing else. In order to use it, you just need to gently massage it into your nails and cuticles, paying attention to the latter if you are seeking to improve their health. Some people also warm up the oil before using it, though not too much. You can try both methods and see if you notice and differences.

Coconut Oil & Oregano Oil Combo for Fungus

These two make a powerhouse against fungus, whether you’re trying to simply prevent or get rid of the fungi that have already overtaken your nails. Mix extra virgin coconut oil with oregano oil in a ratio of 1 part-5 parts. Massage this ointment into your nails gently, repeating the treatment twice a day for a couple of weeks if you are seeking to get rid of pre-existing fungus.

Tip: If you’re experiencing a burning sensation, it’s likely because of the oregano oil, so interrupt the treatment and dilute it instead.

Nourishing Nail Growth Blend

Although coconut oil definitely promotes nail growth all by itself, you can try the following recipe for an amalgam of fantastic nutrients that will make them even healthier.

Stir together 1/4 cup of organic coconut oil with 4 drops of rosemary oil and 1/4 cup of honey. Warm up the mixture in the microwave for 20 seconds. Soak your nails into the solution and relax for approximately 15 minutes. Repeat this process at least weekly to start seeing some palpable results, whether it’s for your hands or feet.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, you should definitely start considering coconut oil for nails from now on. The ‘treatment’ is extremely simple, but efficient. With one plain natural product, you can ensure the health of your nails without the additions of chemicals found in expensive creams.