Scientists are just starting to discover the possible benefits of biotin for nails, skin, and hair. As this particular story continues to grow, so does our joy. Why? Because biotin is already useful (if not highly necessary) for your body, so adding in another set of benefits will make it all the more, let’s say, attractive.

In the following paragraphs, find out what the deal with biotin is, how it could help with the health of your nails, and how you can set its effects in motion.

What’s Biotin?

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is a water soluble kind of vitamin whose main purpose is to regulate metabolism and the management of fatty acids, glucose, and amino acids. Shortly put, it contributes to the natural processes which transform these acids into energy that your body can burn out. Although the initial opinion was that your body doesn’t naturally produce biotin, some more recent opinions claim that the vitamin develops somewhere in your intestines.

However, your metabolism isn’t the only one to benefit from the actions of biotin. Cosmetic brands often include vitamin B7 in their beauty products because it seems like biotin plays a great role in keeping nails, hair, and skin healthy. The exact process is still mostly veiled in mystery, but the effects are there.

The Benefits of Biotin

#1 For Nails

So far, it seems that the main benefit of biotin for nails is strengthening them up, making the vitamin an excellent treatment for people struggling with brittleness. Brittle nails can easily crack and break and the most natural way to repair them is from the inside out.

#2 For Skin

Still relatively obscure, it’s clear that biotin plays a significant role in the health of your skin simply by observing the side effects of its absence. Biotin deficiency can lead to skin rashes or a certain disorder called seborrheic dermatitis.

#3 For Hair

Just like in the case of skin, the absence of biotin seems to have links with hair frailty and hair loss. This means that the presence of vitamin B7 may improve hair growth and strength.

How to Use Biotin for Nails

So far, the only way to reap the benefits of biotin is through consumption. Whether it’s for nails or anything else. You could either take supplements, though you need to be very careful so that you don’t accidentally exceed the recommended dose, or get a natural intake through foods.

Some excellent sources of biotin are: liver, eggs, salmon, cheese, avocado, raspberries, cauliflower, whole grain products. Certain kinds of mushrooms and fish also contain biotin. So you should simply research these aspects before deciding which type to purchase. Moreover, on the matter of eggs, interestingly enough, it’s only the yolks that contain vitamin B7, so don’t toss them down the drainer if you want to get your dose of biotin!

Wrapping Up

So, how can you use biotin for nails? Take supplements or consume the aforementioned foods that naturally contain it. So far, there are no topical treatments, which might be for the best. The healthiest treatments are the ones that nourish from the inside-out.

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