Over the time, many have attempted to uncover the secret to melting away belly fat. One practice that’s actually been around for a long time has been using a belly wrap for losing weight. What it entails, how you can practice it yourself, and what the risks are is information that awaits you below, so keep reading to discover the ups and downs of this seemingly strange custom.

Using a Belly Wrap for Losing Weight

Also known generally as body wraps, this custom first came into play several decades ago, back when people mostly used linen sheets. In time, the change in materials turned them into ‘herbal wraps’ while today, the general term is that of a body wrap.

Let’s venture back into the particular territory of a belly wrap. As the name suggests, it’s a treatment directed specifically at your tummy and the unpleasant fat residues that you want to see gone. To understand really what it involves, here’s what you must do in order to start applying this custom yourself.

How to Use a Belly Wrap

Step #1

Tighten the wrap around your abdomen, making sure that it’s not too tight. The purpose should be to allow you to move around freely and exercise, not to constrict you. Cover up with loose clothing, just enough to not make the sight of the wrap visible through your shirt.

Step #2

This is when the true effects of the wrap come into play. By confining your abdomen, this wrap promotes intense sweating and surrounds your stomach with extra heat, perfect for melting away at belly fat quicker. Undergo a normal exercise routine and start feeling the way this wrap eats away at those unpleasant deposits. Since it increases the heat of your body, the wrap also increases your metabolic rate, which in turn makes it easier to burn fat.

Step #3

You will need to detox your body afterwards, something you can do simply with an herbal body wrap. There are a couple of ways you can go about it. You could have an expert do it for you by registering an appointment at a local salon. Alternatively, learn how to make a herbal body wrap at home using only a few basic ingredients.

The Dangers of Using a Belly Wrap

For starters, profuse sweating can easily be turned from an ally to a truly perilous enemy. The intense heat and the sweating could cause chemical changes in your bloodstream, leading to a number of side effects. These effects include dizziness, weakness, confusion, and even harsher aftermaths.

Moreover, those of you that use PVC materials in order to wrap your body may need to know that this compound is linked to a number of grave health issues.

Conclusion: Does It Work?

We saved the most relevant conclusion for last: given the possible risks, is using a belly wrap for losing weight worth them? Well, in truth, all that this wrap does is drain out water from your skin, one which you quickly regain through hydration. If you truly do lose belly fat, it’s likely because of your exercise routine, not the wrap.