Hair chalk is a really quick way to make your hair lively and colorful without the burden of committing to something that you’d have to deal with for a long amount of time. You don’t need to undergo the tedious processes of traditional dyeing and you can use the colors for a one-time occasion. Party today, wash off, and walk into your office tomorrow as if nothing happened!

With that being said, there are still some things that you need to keep in mind when using hair chalk if you are to really get the best of results. Read ahead and discover what these things are.

How to Use Hair Chalk for the Best Results

Don’t Raise Your Expectations

Before you even get started, make sure you don’t have unrealistic expectations regarding the results of your chalking. It’s best if you avoid using them to color large sections of hair, similarly to highlights or lowlights. This is simply because you most certainly won’t get the desired effects. Hair chalk is mostly good to accentuate an already existing color or for applications on really thin and small sections, such as the tips.

Another thing is to be realistic of the difference in results between blonde and dark hair. Some colors will work better depending on your own shade while some won’t work at all. For example, bright and neons work really well for darker hair.

Mix in with Water

If this is your first time attempting to chalk dye your hair, you probably don’t really know the ups and downs and you feel tempted to dryly apply the chalk directly. The best method is by dipping a small piece of chalk in a little bit of water, using a small brush to blend it in until you get a colored mixture, and then using the brush to apply it. If you rub the chalk in afterwards, however, you will help the color set in better and get a more vibrant result.

Keep it in Longer

If you want your color to not fade away throughout the day, here are a few things you can try:

  • Brushing or combing will remove some of the color, so you should avoid it.
  • Certain chalks may stain clothes, so avoid wearing light-colored clothes.
  • Dry your hair thoroughly and then style it with a straightener since it can help keep the color in longer.

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Wrapping Up

So, in conclusion, that was how you can use hair chalk to add some vibrancy to your hair in some really simple steps. Choose your favorite kind and brand and get started. After all, isn’t it amazing that you can pretty much add a different shade to your hair every day? That alone should be an excellent reason enough to try it.