Technology evolves and the beauty industry along with it. With this premise, the facial cleansing brush trend came to fruition and it earned quite a lot of adepts who vouch that this little tool is a miracle-worker for your skin complexion and health. Coming with a rotating brush, it gently massages your skin so that you end up with refreshed and glowing skin that could trick anyone into assuming you’ve just returned from an expert’s office. We also have a list of top facial cleansing brushes that you MUST check out.

Obviously, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Any beauty magic wand has its underlying possible risks and some things that might put people off. Otherwise, everyone would be all over it. This is what we’ll be addressing: the good, the bad, and the in-between. But most importantly, what you should do and keep in mind when using it.

The First-Time Scare of the Facial Cleansing Brush

Let’s assume you’ve just acquired our first facial cleansing brush. It’s all swell and good. You’re probably excited as heck to give it a go. You power it up, start massaging, you can pretty much feel the way all those nasties are leaving your skin and leaving it lighter-feeling… What comes next? You probably expect to have radiant skin for the next few days. Well, that’s not how it really goes.

Plenty of people who’ve attempted the face brush treatment for the first time had minor heart attacks when it all seemed to backfire on them. Breakouts, pimples, redness – pretty much all of the things you were trying to get rid of are coming back. This, in itself, managed to make plenty of people to ditch their brushes and consider it all a failed experiment.

However, this kind of initial effect is perfectly normal, assures dermatologist Jason Emer. “At the beginning, your skin might flare, probably within the first two weeks,” he told Allure. “The dead skin cells that are being sloughed off plug up your pores. But as your skin gets used to it, your pores become more open and there will be fewer dead skin cells to exfoliate, so you’ll be less likely to have breakouts.”

How to Use the Brush for the Best Results

Here are some general tips to help you avoid any unpleasantness.

For starters, don’t turn this into a daily beauty routine. If you use it too frequently, you will end up causing some serious damage. “Overuse [of face cleansing brushes] can lead to broken capillaries, excessive dryness, irritation, redness, and sensitivity,” declared skincare line creator Dr. Dennis Gross for Huffington Post. “If these warning signs occur, it is important to stop or alter your usage immediately.”

To keep breakouts in check, adopt a face treatment with salicylic or glycolic acid before you start using your brush. Also, ease this practice into your routine. Start by doing it once a week and then slowly increase your frequency.

Wrapping Up

What’s the verdict? The magical facial cleansing brush does work wonders, but it can be frightening at times when you consider how easily things can go wrong. Better talk to a dermatologist first.