Every woman who has or had long hair at some point experienced issues with tangles which seem impossible to cope with when using a detangling brush. These hair knots do not depend on your hair type or your age. Trying to save every woman who experienced such a thing, hair experts offer some tricks and hacks. Let’s take a look at this list.

Before washing your hair, brush it

This will help you prevent knots and tangles. Start with sections from the bottom where the most tangles and knots can form. Then, work your way up. Try to brush your hair gently, so you do not rip hair.

Apply conditioner before applying shampoo

This may seem crazy, but it totally works. Even if you used first to apply shampoo and then conditioner, you can make the switch to be able to detangle your hair better. Therefore, apply conditioner on the ends when in the shower and then comb through by using a wide-toothed comb. Do not rinse the conditioner. You just have to apply the shampoo to the scalp and then rinse both of them together.

Comb in an upward motion

If you used to comb your hair one way, it does not mean that it is the right way. Try to change the change the direction in which you comb your hair, and you will notice a big difference. Always comb your hair starting from the neck upward. If you try to comb from the top to the ends, you will add a lot of stress on the hair.

How you sleep

When going to bed, try putting your hair in a loose ponytail, above your head, lying your hair on your pillow. If you use silk pillowcases, you will reduce frizz.

Use an appropriate method when shampooing

When applying shampoo, make sure you gently massage the shampoo into your hair using your fingertips. Avoid scrubbing the ends of your hair because it will dry it and it will also cause tangles. Therefore, you will have a lot of knots in your hair after showering.


You can use a detangling brush only after you have separated the tangles and knots.

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The sun may be an issue

The sun can dry your hair really bad. You need to be careful! Experts advise you to use a facial sunscreen on your scalp and hair.

Protect your hair when jumping into the pool

We all know that the pool water contains many chemicals which can dry and damage your hair. Furthermore, your color could fade. Hence, you need to apply a deep conditioner before diving into the water.

Try to ditch the brush

When you have too many knots or tangles, you should avoid using a comb or a brush right away because you risk ripping your hair. First, try to separate the knots by using your index finger and then use a brush or a comb.

Try out buns and braids

If you want to avoid tangles, put your hair in a ballerina bun or a braid when swimming. Furthermore, try to use a cloth elastic band because it is less damaging to the hair.

Summing up, knots and tangles could be avoided if you apply one or several of these strategies, using a detangling brush or putting your hair in a bun.