French manicure has been a popular and stylish manicure for a long time. Many women choose this look for plenty of occasions. It is a classic look, matching any kind of outfit you wear. Although the initial French tips were white, nowadays there is a wide range of variations such as pink, nude, cream, beige, and even stronger and bolder colors. Here are the coolest and most unusual French tip nails you should try.

Top 5 Most Unusual French Tip Nails Ideas to Consider

acrylic French nail tips

#1. Black & Pastel Pink Nails

These manicure is naturally looking, and you will not need acrylic or other artificial nails to create it. Wait until your nails grow a little bit more than their beds. Then, use a file to give them a rounder shape. Apply the black polish only on the tips. Use the pastel color as the base coat. You will achieve a chic and refined look, which is perfect for every occasion.

#2. Girly French Manicure for Shorter Nails

This is a cute design which works great for shorter nails. Moreover, it is romantic and glamorous, especially if you are a bride-to-be. Use a baby pink color for the base coat and use white for the tips. For a better effect, you can alternate pink nails with full white ones, on which you also add some glitter near the base of the nail. Make sure to create a semi-circle shape. Adding the gems is up to you because it is an optional idea.

#3. Sparkly White French Tip Nails

Of all these original French tip nails, this manicure works best for a wedding. File your nails until you create a classic square shape. If you can, you should leave your nails to grow longer. Color your nail tips with white matte polish. The final polish coat must be sparkly as well as sheer. This way, you will have an enticing and original manicure.

#4. White & Silver Glitter for Longer Nails

This white and silver is a gorgeous style that complements longer nails. If you don’t have long nails, you can also use artificial ones. Cover your middle finger’s nail in silver glitter. Spread this hue all over the nail. Then, color the other nails’ tips with white and apply a baby pink base on top of these nails. Finally, you can draw a straight silver line below the white tips. If you want your manicure to last longer, you can always apply a clear coat on top of all these colors.

#5. Metallic & Matte Combination

Metallic and matte French tip nails suit shorter nails, and they are the hottest trend when it comes to cool manicures. What you have to do is to apply the matte gray polish on all your nails. Then, use the silver metallic one for their tips. This manicure works great with a concert or a fancy party. It will make your stand out in the crowd, for sure.

Let’s Recap

Women of all ages love French tip nails. They give you a sophisticated allure, and your hand will look gracious. Fortunately, the original design has come a long way since the white and clear coats. Therefore, something rather simple and dull has transformed into something a lot more complex and chic.

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