People should start treating their orthodontic issues while they are still young. This way, the recovery process is faster, and patients avoid more severe problems later in life. If you have a misalignment of the lower jaw, a good option is to have an underbite surgery. Usually, this problem is one that some people are born with. Luckily, this condition is treatable.

5 Things You Probably Did Not Know About Underbite Surgery

underbite surgery things to know about it

It Corrects the Main Problem and Eliminates Secondary Issues

Besides the fact that this procedure fixes your teeth alignment, it also eliminates some other health issues associated with your jaw’s problem. The underbite can cause speaking difficulties, eating problems, headaches, sleep apnea, bacterial infections, and more. Fortunately, the underbite surgery fixes all these issues because it moves the lower teeth behind the upper ones.

It Is a Complicated Procedure

To avoid this complicated underbite surgery, many dentists recommend their patients to wear braces. Only truly experienced orthodontists have the necessary courage to perform this operation. Jaw surgical procedures are very complex. A good doctor takes into consideration a lot of factors before doing the surgery. He/she thinks about the patient’s age, eating habits, medical history, and more.

It Should Be Performed Only by Experienced Oral Surgeons

Before doing the underbite surgery, do your research! Look for recommendations and trustworthy testimonials. You should put your health in the hands of a reputable and experienced dentistry surgeon. Don’t take the chance of a poorly done procedure, only to save a couple of bucks.

You Will Need Help for About a Week

After the surgical procedure, you will feel drained and without energy. It will be hard for you to accomplish simple tasks like brushing your teeth or preparing a meal. This is why you should have someone to take care of you in the first couple of days after the underbite surgery. Furthermore, the only foods you will be able to eat are shakes, liquids, mashed boiled vegetables, soups, and smoothies. At first, your face will be bloated, but it is a normal body reaction.

The Complete Recovery Process Takes Three Months

The underbite surgery is quite complex. This is why the recovery period will take up to 90 days. After two months you will feel a lot better, but your bone structure needs more time to recover fully. For a faster improvement, you should follow your doctor’s recommendations, and do all the necessary exercises.

Wrapping It Up

If you suffer from jaw misalignment, a great and effective alternative is underbite surgery. Find an experienced surgeon and prepare yourself both physically and emotionally for the procedure. Even though it is a complex operation, it doesn’t involve as many risks as you may think. After the jaw surgery, you will notice small changes in the way your face looks. However, this is not an esthetic surgery.

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