Dental hygiene is crucial, yet it’s so easy to forget how the smallest misstep can lead to a proper health impairment. You can protect your teeth from ailments such as tooth decay, stains, and others by sticking to a few basic dental care tips. These are the tips we’ll be presenting today, so read ahead for a guide that every person should follow on a regular basis.

Proper Dental Hygiene: 9 Crucial Tips

#1 Brush with Fluoride

When picking your toothpaste, make sure to read the label and choose a product that contains fluoride. Its actions serve as prevention to tooth decay and cavities.

#2 Brushing Times

It matters HOW and WHEN you brush your teeth. For the correct way to brush your teeth, look up some videos or graphs which demonstrate the process step by step. As for when to brush it, everybody knows that twice a day is the way to go. But if you can help it, you should also brush after each meal.

#3 Don’t Stick to Brushing Alone

Rinsing with a fluoride-based mouthwash and flossing are going to strengthen your teeth and increase their resistance. There are some mouthwashes which contain antiseptic ingredients that kill plaque-causing bacteria.

#4 Ditch the Staining Diet

If you smoke or drink red wine, coffee, or black tea on a regular basis, it will be pretty difficult to achieve that brilliantly white smile. Try to give up on either (if not all) of those, so you can avoid unsightly stains on your teeth.

#5 Clean while Eating

Hit two birds with one stone by snacking on foods which are crisp or firm and can clean your teeth while you nibble on them. These “detergent” foods are apples, raw carrots, celery, and popcorn. For the best of effects, save them for last. They are particularly useful when you can’t brush your teeth after a meal.

#6 Eat Balanced

Avoid snacks which contain carbohydrates, particularly those like candy, pretzels, or chips. They can stick to the surface of your teeth, which increases the risk of waking up one morning with early signs of tooth decay. Just like with your general health, you can elude most of the potential problems by eating healthy foods in balanced doses.

#7 Visit the Dentist’s Office

There is no better cleansing than the one at the hands of a professional, so don’t shy away from your dentist’s place for thorough cleaning sessions. It won’t be just your teeth benefiting from these visits, but your tongue and gums as well.

#8 Brush with Baking Soda

Here’s a fun little tip: brushing with baking soda once a week is going to help you get rid of stains, bringing out the whiteness in your teeth.

#9 Get Your Calcium Intake

Calcium helps your teeth get stronger, so make sure you get your necessary daily intake, either via supplements or by having a glass of milk.

Wrapping Up

How proper is your dental hygiene routine? If you’re not practicing some of the suggestions before, make the right choice and include them as part of your lifestyle.