We all deserve a little bit of pampering from time to time. And a nail salon is the perfect place for a little bit of ME time. Finding your perfect pampering oasis can be tricky but it’s worth taking your time to find that place that feels right. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, be sure check out some of these gorgeous nail SPA salons. You’re bound to find one to suit your fancy. The list isn’t in any particular order. Each of these places is great in its own way.

1. Color Nail SPA

Most customers agree you should set some time aside if you want to visit Color Nail SPA. They offer a dizzying variety of colors to choose from. So make sure you have a good quarter of an hour set aside to pick and mix. And don’t worry if you find it difficult. There are plenty of professionals who can help you out. Their prices are fair for the work they do. And they don’t charge extra for all the fun you’ll have

2. Polish + Paint Nail Beauty SPA

Getting a manicure is not just about looking pretty once you get out the door. It’s a whole experience, and at Polish +Paint Nail Beauty SPA they really know how to make their customers enjoy that experience to the fullest. Their professionals are all about customer service, and making your stay with them as relaxing as possible. And, an added bonus, their services are quite inexpensive.

3. Paradise Nail SPA

Don’t be fooled by how efficient the professionals at Paradise Nail SPA are. They all do an extremely thorough job. So even though you’ll feel like you’re in and out in just a couple of minutes, rest assured, your manicure is going to last. The only thing you’ll end up regretting is how little time you’ll spend there. So you may find yourself coming back, time and time again.

4. Nehuile Nail Salon & Tanning

Nehuile Nail Salon & Tanning is more than just a regular nail SPA. And it’s not just because you can get a complete beauty treatment. The salon is also absolutely obsessed with making their client know they are the center of attention. Their prices may be a little bit spicy, but it’s well worth the investment. You can’t really put a price tag on the level of pampering you’re going to get. And while you’re getting a fabulous manicure, you can enjoy a cocktail, to match the color of your gorgeous nails.


5. Rosehip Nail SPA

For a more sophisticated experience, you can check out Rosehip Nail SPA. But even though loyal customers keep coming and coming, it’s still surprisingly easy to get an appointment. This just goes to show that in the hands of a true professional, you don’t have to wait around to get a proper manicure. Plus, they have a really easy to use online appointment system. So, whenever you decide that it’s time for a break, and little bit of gussying up, just go to their website and make an appointment.

These are just some of the top picks for best nail SPA in Los Angeles. Finding the place that’s right for you should be a lot easier when you know where to start. If you have some hot tips of your own to share, please do!

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