Looking for a fun new style to make your manicure stand out some more? How about you give a shot to candy colors and the designs which can give you a real sugar rush?

With this premise in head, we quested for some of the most chic and interesting nail designs sporting vibrant colors, delicious patterns, and lots of creativity. You’re just one scroll away from entering a unique candy land.

Top 9 Nail Designs in Candy Colors

#1 Donut Nail Design

donut nail design


We’re kicking off this candy-inspired list with some actual candy inclusion. These nails sport a pastel blue canvas, but the real fun begins when you try to recreate the image of a sprinkled, chocolate donut over it.

#2 Hearts and Declarations

hearts and declarations


Every manicure sends a message, but perhaps you want for your nails to deliver an actual message. Using a bunch of soft pastels and a bold red polish for the font, you can decorate your nails with hearts and sweet words of your choice.

#3 Candy Stripes

candy stripes


If intricate designs and drawings aren’t your strongest suit, you can always get away with some stripe variations. This particular style uses various soft shades of green, adding a splatter of color by using a delicate coral polish. Play around with diagonal, vertical, and horizontal arrangements.

#4 Pinwheel of Cools

pinwheel of cools


These cool shades are cool only in theory since everything about their vibrant nature just screams of a bag of candy. It’s a cute rainbow of purples and blues, arranged in a dynamic shape that will immediately pull anyone’s attention.

#5 A Jolly Mood

a jolly mood


A list like this wouldn’t be complete without the festive vibes of a candy cane design. Achieving this look is easier than you may think, something you’ll discover by clicking on the source link underneath the picture.

#6 Battles of Color

battles of color


This manicure is a perfect source of inspiration for those who have a basket full of vibrant and intense candy-like colors, but no inspiration for the design itself. Play around with bold clashes of color just like in the picture above!

#7 Futuristic Rose Quartz

futuristic rose quartz


The safest route to follow if you want ‘to go candy’ is by coating your nails in soft pastel shades, just like the ones present in the example above. The unique twist of this style comes from the slightly futuristic vibes of the single, perfect stripe in the middle.

#8 Classic Polka

classic polka


Sprinkle some colorful dots on your nails and you’ll look as if you’re carrying a bag of (unbranded) M&Ms on your hands. If you’ve got some time to spare, get right into it!

#9 Candy Rain

candy rain


Just be straightforward. It’s a candy manicure, so here are the candy shapes. Adapt this design to any season or occasion by alternating between your choice of colors.

Wrapping Up

The bottom line is that you can get these sweet vibes by simply using some candy colors in your manicure. But if you want to go the extra mile, you can always incorporate them in designs that are reminiscent of the actual treats.