The long bob is the huge trend that’s been circulating through the Internet’s beauty circles (and not only). Stylists are adding some extra length to the classic bob, turning into a gorgeous, shoulder-length haircut with a surprisingly wide pool of styling choices. Keep reading to discover our favorite looks which you easily seek inspiration from or even sport this upcoming spring!

Top 8 Long Bob Hairstyles

#1 Long Angled Bob

long angled bob


We’ll start off with a classic. Everyone knows the iconic angled bob, right? Well, this look is exactly just that, except the hair is longer. And it works surprisingly well. Because of the added inches, it becomes even easier to play with the asymmetry of this style and make it impactful.

#2 Messy and Wavy Midnight

long dark bob


This one’s quite the looker. The natural waviness of this style is in perfect balance with the relative harshness of the jaded blackness of the locks. It’s a fantastic look both for day and night.

#3 Fringed Wavy Look

wavy blonde fringe bob


Although these lobs look really chic with a middle parting, they are just as eye-catchy (if not more) when paired with a perfectly styled fringe. This look is particularly stylish when you pair it with a set of highlights or a subtle ombre which can contribute to a pseudo-natural look.

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#4 Voluminous Layered Bob

layered volume hair


One big issue some people might have with the lobs is that they tend to be sleek and lacking volume. This issue can easily go away curtsy of this particular style which uses layering and a few tips and tricks in order to achieve a voluminous effect.

#5 Conventional Straight Lob

straight blonde bob


No asymmetry, no layering. This classic look is conservative and incredibly chic. With a straightener, you’ll be able to achieve a neat and orderly look. Tip: it looks particularly well on blonde hair!

#6 For the Dark Haired

dark wavy bob


Sure, the majority of these lobs look absolutely fantastic with highlights, lowlights, and ombres. But that doesn’t mean there’s no right haircut for those who want to keep it plain and simple. This haircut is excellent for dark hair sporting one single shade.

#7 Layered Blonde Bob

blonde wavy bob


Blonde shades are incredibly trendy this time around, especially when given a bonus of natural vibes curtsy of a chic ombre. This look works fantastically with a layered lob, which manages to bring out the sun-kissed blonde locks knitted in your natural hair color.

#8 Perfect Bob for Thick Hair

thick hair blonde bob


Really thick hair can be hard to manage, especially when looking to style it for a bob. It’s important to find the balance that doesn’t make it too fluffy nor too lifeless and shapeless. This bob is the perfect length and shape, managing to breathe life into your hair and exploit its natural thickness to the highest of your ability.

Wrapping Up

Ready to give the long bob a shot? With the aforementioned suggestions, you’ll be able to get the best of this style regardless of your hair color, texture, or nature. And honestly? That precisely is the beauty of this look.