Every woman likes simple nail designs that can offer a fantastic look within minutes. Try out some of the nail designs below, and you will not be disappointed. In just a few easy steps you will have an exquisite manicure.

Simple Nail Designs for a Fantastic Look

11 Easy Nail Art Tutorials For Beginners


by Nail Art Designs & Ideas

For the first nail design, you need to start by applying a pink or nude coat of nail polish. Then, apply a top coat and a thin line of silver glitter. Now, your nails look amazing.

The next look implies mirror nail polish. Apply it on all your fingernails. This is a simple, but exquisite manicure.

If you are into pink nail polish, apply it on your nails and then use a very thin brush with black nail polish to delimit the margins of your nails. Add a little white dot and let it all dry. Finally, apply a top coat. Now your manicure looks like a cartoon.

For the next manicure, you will need some stickers. More precisely, you need some colorful strips. Apply some on your finger nail, leaving a little bit of space between them. Use a black nail polish to apply it over the strips. Remove the thin stickers, and you will have a nice pattern.

10 Easy Nail Art Designs for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide #2!

by cutepolish

Before choosing any nail art design, start by applying a base coat to protect your nails and help your manicure last as long as possible. For the first design, you will need a neutral base color. Then, grab a bright color, like aquamarine, orange, pink and red. You will need a thin brush to design the geometric patterns. Do not worry about drawing straight lines because this is a funky nail design. Add a top coat to give your manicure a multidimensional look.

For the next nail art design, you will need a nude shade of nail polish. Grab a small dotting tool to design tiny white hearts. You will get a soft and delicate design.

Easy Nail Art For Beginners!!!

by Jenny Claire Fox

Here are some simple nail designs which will make you have gorgeous nails! For the first nail design, you can choose whatever color you want for your nail polish. Here, Jenny chose an aquamarine shade. Then, take another nail polish, like purple, and create three steps. After this layer has dried, use another color, like yellow, and repeat the pattern. You can combine as many colors as you want on all your nails. You will obtain a funky and playful nail art design.

For the second type of manicure, choose a bright base color, like pink. Then, use a silver nail striper to design a straight line from the middle of your fingernail, towards the edge. You are going to repeat this on both sides to make a triangle. Then, fill the triangle. Now, use a black nail striper and trace the triangle. Your manicure looks amazing!

Summing up

All these simple nail designs can help you have an amazing manicure with less effort, without spending a lot of money at a nail salon. Be creative and have fun!