Auburn hair is honestly a blessing. It’s pretty much the middle ground between brown and red, so it brings to the table the fiery allure of red and the pristine mildness of brown. But regardless of factors such as eye color and skin tone, there are just some auburn shades that will look completely amazing on anyone. We’ve enlisted our favorite auburns below, so keep those in mind next time you’re hitting the hair salon if you want a great look change.

Top 7 Shades of Auburn Hair

#1 Deep Chocolate Auburn

chocolate auburn


The darker the shade of auburn, the more it tends to glow in a purple tint. This particular shade manages to maintain its ‘redness’ but adds a touch of subtlety to it that makes the look perfect for those performing in conservative environments.

#2 Russet Auburn

drew barrymore russet auburn


Drew Barrymore sports this classic auburn shade to the best of its potential. If you have a pale complexion and light colored eyes, this will add a special type of vibrancy to your tresses that will really make it stand out. The best part is that you won’t even need fancy makeup to turn heads with this color!

#3 Dark Copper Auburn

dark copper auburn


Fair-skinned complexions aren’t the only ones worthy of some love. If your skin is more on the darker side (not by much), deeper shades of auburn will work best for you. In this case, we recommend a stunning dark copper. It will really compliment your complexity and give a special glow to your skin.

#4 Fiery Ginger Auburn

christine hendricks fiery ginger


But maybe you don’t want just the classy subtleties of auburn. If that’s the case, you’d enjoy the flaming ginger tresses sported by Christine Hendricks. This shade is perfect for those seeking to make a bold statement, packed with a bonus of dynamism granted by some strawberry blonde highlights.

#5 Balayage Auburn Lob

balayage auburn lob


Long bobs are the hottest trend right now, so there is no lack of amazing ways to style it. This time, the star is a beautiful, wavy hairdo with stunning copper auburn highlights. Bun or braid your wet hair before going to bed and unveil this incredible auburn balayage the next day.

#6 Soft Brown Auburn

soft brown auburn


This shade of auburn is much closer to the brown side than the red side, so it’s perfect for those who enjoy the influences of auburn as they shine through a natural and soft brown.

#7 Orange Auburn

orange auburn


Alternatively, here’s a look that forgets the brown shades almost completely. This orange auburn is vibrant and bold, making it a perfect choice for anyone who wishes to make the best of a flaming hue.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, auburn hair has just enough options for you to pick from to compliment your skin shade, to fit your personal tastes, and to help you blend in with whatever your environment is. Whether you prefer colors on the browner or on the redder side, we guarantee that you won’t go wrong when deciding to make the switch to one of these auburns.