Rosewater: fresh, fancy-sounding, and incredibly beneficial for your beauty routine, regardless of what it involves. More and more people are discovering the wonders of this ingredient, a definite favorite among experts of the industry. Now, you can acquire it independently of various other products and reap its benefits straight from the bottle. What kind of benefits, you may ask? Well, this is what the following paragraphs will reveal. Let’s explore the uses of rosewater.

Top 6 Ways to Use Rosewater in Your Beauty Routines

#1 Face Toner

One of the top uses of rosewater is as that of a face toner. It can perform wonders for your skin, igniting again that ‘flame’ that can truly make you glow. Use rosewater to get rid of puffy eyes, to unclog pores, and to make your skin pristine and clean again. You can gently dab a cotton ball soaked in rosewater against your skin or mist from a spray bottle. Check out more ways to use Rosewater on your skin here.

#2 After-Sun Spray

Soothe irritations and rashes caused by sun exposure, prolonged or otherwise, using a simple recipe which involves rosewater. Crush 10-15 tulsi leaves and leave them to soak in 200 ml of rosewater. Store in a spray bottle and spray a cooling mist over your skin to deal with the sun damage.

#3 Freshen Makeup

Rosewater can make your makeup finish look even neater whether you apply it before or after the routine. Some stylists apply some rosewater to the skin before starting a makeup routine in order to make everything come together in a cleaner and more efficient way. Furthermore, you can always breathe some new life into your look by freshening worn makeup with a mist of rosewater.

#4 Hair Rinse

To a cup of water, add two tablespoons of rosewater. After having shampooed and conditioned your hair, let the substance cascade through your tresses for an amazing final touch. Your hair will feel smooth and silky and the pleasant scent of roses will be to die for.

#5 Natural Lipstick

Need a little bit of color to your lips? No problem! Go the natural way and combine some beetroot powder with some rosewater. Apply the resulted mixture to your lips, keep it on for 15 minutes, and then wash off. You’ll be left with naturally rosy lips which will also feel very soft and smooth.

#6 Acne Treatment

Last but not least, acne victims everywhere will rejoice in knowing that rosewater can also help with those infuriating pimples. Dermatologists recognize the antibacterial properties of rosewater, which can deal with the problem from the inside-out. Even if you just want to prevent future eruptions, you can even do that, all thanks to rosewater’s ability to balance your skin’s pH. Imbalanced pH levels are a very common cause for acne.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, rosewater is a fantastic addition to any beauty routine, not just products. It has tangible effects to your hair and skin while also infusing them with its famous scent. Find your nearest provider, buy some of that rosewater, and start your queenly beauty routine that will make you look and feel royal.